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Singapore Business Startups
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Zooming In with Points of You Cards -- A powerful tool for self discovery and building sustainable teams

Are you stuck at home and wondering just how much more you can learn from online meetings?

Finally, an interactive forum that not only allows you access to powerful learning tools, but also shares powerful business insights from mentors! In collaboration with Lead Generation International (LGI), engage with serious business owners and professionals who provide mentoring as well as Lead Generation.

Indicative agenda for this concise 60 minute session:-

1345 Setup and Preliminaries
1400 Introduction of topic and contributor
1410 Interactive sharing with moderated questions
1430 Further Q & A
1450 Business: The Next Phase
1500 Close

The session is ideal for people who:-
- Have recently started a business
- Are not 'business-savvy' (novices are definitely welcome!)
- Are sick and tired of the daily business of 'firefighting'
- Are willing to participate actively and fully with mutual and collective engagement.
- Are seeking a sustainable platform to contribute to the wider business community.

To maximise participants' enjoyment,
kindly relax, be your curious self, and enjoy!

For further clarifications or queries, feel free to contact Thomas @[masked] or Colin @[masked].

“To know and not to do, is to not yet know."
-- Confucius

About our Contributor

Gerald ONG, Founder, Conscious Emergence Pte Ltd

Gerald is the Conscious Emergence Expert of Conscious Emergence Pte Ld, which uses LEGO bricks to facilitate workshops to help business and organisations discover themselves and build teams together.

Apart from facilitating workshops using Lego bricks, he uses Points of You tools to help people uplift themselves and discover their inner strengths.

About Lead Generation International (LGI)

LGI is a B2B community of professionals who provide real leads to fellow members. Business presentations enable members to showcase their product or services, while adding value to guests.

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