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Welcome to Singapore Business Startups meetup group!

This group is for entrepreneurs who would like to share their experiences, as well as those who would like to learn what it takes to start and sustain a new business venture.

If you would like to suggest a meetup, do contact the Organiser beforehand; it's just good netiquette ;-)

Entrepreneurship is a journey, may all of us enjoy it, and benefit society in the process.

To Your Sustained Success!

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Lead Generation Forum

Online event

Are you a business owner looking for real sales leads?

Tired of networking groups that are just badgering chit chat?

Finally, an interactive forum that not only allows you to get qualified leads productively, but also shares powerful business insights from mentors! In collaboration with Lead Generation International (LGI), engage with serious Business owners who provide mentoring as well as Lead Generation.

Indicative agenda for this concise 60-minute session:-

1245 Setup and Preliminaries
1300 Introduction of topic and contributor
1310 Interactive sharing with moderated questions
1330 Participants' Lead Generation
1350 Business: The Next Phase
1400 Close

The forum is ideal for people who:-
- Have recently started a business
- Are not 'business-savvy' (novices are definitely welcome!)
- Are sick and tired of the daily business of 'firefighting'
- Are willing to participate actively and fully with mutual and collective engagement.
- Are seeking a sustainable platform to contribute to the wider business community.

To maximise participants' enjoyment, kindly relax, be your curious self, and enjoy!

For further clarifications or queries, feel free to contact Thomas @[masked] or Colin @[masked].

“To know and not to do, is to not yet know."
-- Confucius

About Lead Generation International (LGI)

LGI is a B2B community of professionals who provide real leads to fellow members. Business presentations enable members to showcase their product or services, while adding value to guests.

U Presence BookClub

Yishun Public Library

The U Presence Bookclub is a platform dedicated for readers and fans of the four authors of the book “Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future” to meet, discuss and share each life changing experience while or after reading their books. It also ought to be a good start for anyone interested in learning more about organisational learning, and how to co-facilitate one.

The book “Presence" is an intimate look at the development of a new theory about change and learning. In wide-ranging conversations held over a year and a half, organizational learning pioneers Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and Betty Sue Flowers explored the nature of transformational change and introduce the idea of “presence”—a concept borrowed from the natural world that the whole is entirely present in any of its parts—to the worlds of business, education, government, and leadership. Too often, the authors found, we remain stuck in old patterns of seeing and acting. By encouraging deeper levels of learning, we create an awareness of the larger whole, leading to actions that can help to shape its evolution and our future.

Prior reading is a prerequisite, as the sessions are experiential and practice-based rather than merely conceptual learning.

Our Special Guest Speaker for the inauguration is Dr Ben Chan, one such practitioner who has graciously agreed to share his personal stories about working with our authors.

This informal session is from 7.00pm to 8.30pm.
This event is Complimentary. There are no additional fees.
To maximise participants' enjoyment, kindly relax, be your curious self, and enjoy!

For further clarifications or queries, feel free to contact Thomas @[masked].

“No man is an island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."
-- John Donne

About Dr Ben Chan
Dr Ben Chan is a seasoned practitioner of learning organisations for over 30 years. He is also co-founder of the Presencing Institute, an awareness-based action-research community for profound individual and institutional renewal, at MIT Sloan School of Management, USA.

About The U Presence Bookclub
This book club seeks to introduce the collection of books from the School of Organisational Learning (SOL) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to adults, particularly Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs).

The sessions feature readings and activities to showcase Theory U as a truly versatile process that, when correctly applied, allows stakeholders to lead from the emerging future, thereby transforming self, business, and society. Ultimately the hope is to implement sustainable transformative practices among local communities, as well as at national level.

Workshop: Insider Secrets Of Precious Metals Investing That Nobody Told You

Discover the hidden secrets that precious metals investment investors use to profit from economic crisis and uncertainty

If you have very little or no knowledge of investment, would like to understand how to enhance your returns with minimal risks, and most importantly, have an open mindset, then this is the ideal workshop for you!

In this powerful 3.5-hour masterclass, you can learn simple and immediately implementable ways to profit and protect yourself and your family from the coming ravages of economic uncertainties.

Additionally, you will discover:-

- How to analyse the gold and silver markets so you will know when to buy and sell

- How to use technical analysis to fine tune your entries and make sure that you control the risk in owning precious metals

- How to adjust your gold-to-silver portfolio

- Whether to own bars, coins or certificates

- Where to buy bars and coins

- How and where to store your bullion and coins

- How to identify scams and bogus precious metals investment opportunities

During the workshop, the trainer will coach you on the steps that he took to condition his mindset for investing and the strategies that he executed to increase his net worth. Participants will be assured that the knowledge shared by the trainer is all from his personal experience. Furthermore, there will be no promotion or sale of financial instruments made during the workshop.

This workshop is from 2.00pm to 5.30pm.

Do arrive around fifteen minutes early to mingle with the speakers and fellow early-birds!

This is a unique experience well worth attending. The speaker is a serious professional who has taken time off his schedule to share with participants simple and practical strategies that he used to increase his net worth with very little savings. He will also share secret insights into the economy's immediate future.

** Workshop Fee is S$167/-
Sign up today to receive a free 1 Troy Ounce Silver Bar (99.9% Purity) **

For further clarifications or queries, feel free to contact Thomas @[masked].

About Firdaus, Founder of Little Red Cultivation Shed (http://www.littlercs.com/about-us/)

Firdaus (https://www.meetup.com/startbusiness/members/103663232/) began his financial education in 2014, starting with stock investing, where he had lost about 80% of his initial investment. The contributing factors were being too eager to start and a lack of understanding the market.

After investing his time and money on financial education, and carefully scrutinizing the market, Firdaus was rewarded with almost 350% capital gains. In 2015, he started investing in precious metals to widen his financial portfolio. Within just 14 months of investing, his net worth increased by almost 17%.

Workshop: Capital Guaranteed Programming

Waterloo Centre

Ever wondered what are the potential pitfalls when filing your tax for your startup or small business? Are there time-saving strategies to avoid the last minute hassle (which may lead to costly computational errors)?

Finally, an informative clinic that not only allows you to know your tax obligations better, but also provides insights into how to engage with your tax agents effectively and productively!

The clinic is ideal for entrepreneurs who:
- Are not accounts-savvy (novices are definitely welcome!),
- Are on a shoe-string budget
- Are sick and tired of the monthly/annual accounting 'hassle'

You are strongly encouraged to bring your business income and accounts statements for maximum learning.

The consultant is a serious professional who has taken time from his schedule to share his expertise with those of us who are wondering how to get a grip on accounting and tax matters!

** Registration Fee is S$15/-, inclusive of Meal Vouchers.**

About Kendra Renee NG (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendra-n-91aa2b60), Wealth Strategist

A wealth strategist with one of the leading wealth consulting groups in Singapore, Kendra specializes in raising capital for both business owners and investors via their dead assets, providing them with both cash and cash flow. She aims to impact and incite desire in those who seek to quit dreaming and live now via seminars, workshops and talks,

A Theatre graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; Kendra believes that the best form of life is to challenge boundaries and break free from self-imposed limitations. A bottom-line oriented and competitive individual; she has an insatiable wanderlust and perpetual love for fitness, art, travel and emceeing.

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