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What we’re about

This Group is for all those who would like to 

1. Join a Start-up Business (full time / part time / free lance) 

2. Service a Start-up Business

3. Collaborate with a fellow start-up Entrepreneur for complimentary participation 

4. Entrepreneurs seeking Talents to scale their teams 

5. Exchange business notes and network officially for PROFITS! 

This is purely a forum where like minded brain boosters come for Professional & Business benefits. Members can expect to leverage 100% on the opportunity for business interactions, online & offline ! Members are expected to share: 

1. brief biodata/CV with a clear objective as to what he/she looking for & how we can be of help (with email) 

2. Share his/her WATSAPP working Number. We will create a live platform offering regular updates about regulations, financing options & strategies, recruitment opportunities with startups, events, dignitaries & MORE! ! 

3. Active participation in Group''s initiatives 

4. Share regular updates from their learnings &; professional/business developments This meet-up is targeted to assist start-ups for all business needs including finance, operations, licenses & regulatory requirements, recruitment, marketing & brand building, vendor development and More!!


Team, Start-up Professionals!!