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What we’re about

Brooklyn is home to the coolest startups in New York, not just those technology based, but all types...

We're locals, and whether you're in Dumbo, Bed-Stuy, Flatbush or Williamsburg... this part of the world has a unique,  dynamic multicultural vibe all it's own. 

We want to learn what we have in common, how we can help each other, what resources there are between us. We want to connect with other people in the community who are dealing with similar challenges and seeing similar opportunities. We want to meet those who could become clients, partners, employees, friends, advisors, investors, etc.

The group is open to anyone. You're either planning to or creating a startup company/organization, or you want to meet others who are. If you need inspiration, we'll try to inspire you. Students welcome!

We invite diversity and while there are a number of tech startups in our community, there are many other innovators doing important things.

Don't be shy. Come and listen, learn, meet and share with other like-minded people. Come and inspire, innovate, connect, and grow your dream. We look forward to meeting you!