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Edmonton School of AI @ CWB Place

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If you want to learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this meetup is for you. We meet to bend data to our will, to socialize, and to build a community of Machine Learning and Data Science Practitioners. We will also build a community of lifelong learners, to help each other in the quest of using AI technology for the common good.

Note: Location moved from Startup Edmonton to Canadian Western Bank(CWB) Conference Center.

To get to the conference center:
- If you enter CWB at the main entrance ask the security at the counter where the concourse conference center is.
-If you are coming by train get out at Bay Enterprise station and follow the signs to lead you to Canadian Western Bank.

- Go through the short guideline as soon as possible:
- How to build the Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards on the link below, will be discussed. BI dashboards:
- Eco Stations code walkthrough:
- The intent of the meetup and it's long term and short term goals will be discussed
- Agenda Link (will convert to google doc soon):

Highly recommended you come with your laptop, fully charged.
Just in case, come with your laptop charger as well.
Attendee's if you have extra extension cords come with them - to compensate for laptop chargers.

Have these installed in your laptop.
- Install Visual Studio Code (must):
- Install Live Server for Visual Studio Code (must):
- Install Git (optional but recommended):
Sign up for GitHub (optional but recommended):

If you have any questions or concerns post a comment.

Also come with water and a light snack, to recharge yourself hahaha! We will be using a lot of brain power ^_^. Potential sponsors who want to feed us haha, send me an email.

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