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What we’re about

We are an open collaborative community, not just a meetup group anymore, of curated experts, events, workshops, and spaces where members learn, connect and build the next big things together.

Startup Central is fostering 3,000+ members to become a hub for more education, creation, collaboration and coworking. A place for start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent freelance professionals, designers, and developers of every kind who need access to curated expertseducation and space.

Out of those 3,000 members, of course we would have some right?  We are seeking a few more good experts to present, teach workshops, consult and act as mentors to members.  There's potential for incentives and compensation, so if you are interested, send us a shout out to

or fill out this quick 3 question form:

Learn by doing. Theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experience from experts.  Startup Central will be offering 3 ways to share and learn from an expert - events, workshops and on-demand with online content/media.

Colabs, a fresh take on the DMV co-working space environment.  These curated spaces are a nexus between 3 distinct experiences for designers/artists of every kind, makers/hackers, developers and entrepreneurs with their startup teams – one community – multiple locations.  Spaces to connect, learn, do some serious work, attend events, workshops and have some fun.  We have partnered with a real estate company to offer spaces that have experts in residence, education, tools, resources and services to help members move forward, faster to success. 

Creative Space

Finally, coworking and dedicated studio space for filmmakers, photographers, videographers, production companies, writers, artists, designers and new media entrepreneurs.  Join us to build out this space, one step at a time.  

Think YouTube Spaces.  This is 12,000 sqft of raw space for production and coworking for creatives that is scheduled for renovation.  We are starting the retrofit by building out 2 large studios n the space to be used by creative professionals and members for production, hosting events and workshops.  If you are an expert or just interested in helping out send us a shout out to

Makers Space, a space to think, create, experiment, collaborate. Hardware startups and internet of things are the next big thing, so we are assigning  6,500 sqft for everything from maker, robotics, drones to textile fabrication.  We are starting out with events and education around the maker movement and currently are seeking experts to lead this initiative.  Think Tech Shop mini.   Interested, let us know -

Productive Space

For entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, startups and freelancers, work and collaborate.

Our new, upcoming Startups Central Mobile App (Web App to Follow)

So what are you waiting for?  Join - learn something - get things done.

Sure, we will share and discuss topics like any other meetup group, but in most cases they will be relevant to projects that members are actually working on.  There will be times to socialize too.

We have almost 10,000+ members in the combined Washington, DC, Northern Va, Maryland network of meetup groups and growing.

So where do you start?  Are you ready to pitch in?  Welcome to Startups Central.