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What we’re about

We play Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Miniatures, Wargames & Eurogames at different public & private places in the Pittsburgh Area.

Find opponents or players for a group strategy game. Join an ongoing roleplaying group at area hobby shops or homes. Try out a family game by playing with experienced players.

We know and are on good terms with all of the game stores in the area, who in some cases give ongoing discounts to members.

We have multiple ongoing campaigns and gaming groups and have set up this Meetup group for Players and Game Masters to be able to "meet up", make friends, and play games together.

For Wargamers, you can find players for, and schedule a regular game group for casual play, or to break out that "Monster" multi-session game you always wanted to play, but could never find players for.

Players of all experience are welcome from new beginners to older veterans. Join an existing group of Players or start your very own gaming group.

Also, we are always seeking active Referees to run games.

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