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What we’re about

Steel City Information Security, LLC was established on October 1st, 2014, but has been meeting as a users’ group since October 30th, 2012. This group has a heavy focus on socialization and informal discussion at every event, and is open to anyone, regardless of their age, abilities, gender, or occupation.

This group hosts three different types of events - presentations, informal networking events, and hands-on labs. All of our events are driven by specific technologies or novel ideas, and you can find details regarding our events, discussion boards, and additional information on our website. This group is listed on the DEFCON Groups website as DC412 and is the only netsec CitySec Meetup in Pittsburgh. Steel City Information Security, LLC does not and will never accept funds in exchange for presentation slots or vendor booths. All presentations are screened to ensure that they are vendor-agnostic and absent of language that could be construed as an attempt to sell any service or product.

Please feel free to give me your thoughts and input about this group and I look forward to meeting all of you at an upcoming event. 

- Jon Zeolla
Steel City Information Security, LLC