What we're about

Our group is for anyone committed to spreading the message of Liberty, Justice, Freedom of Religion, and limited government for our beloved country.

It is part of the nationwide grassroots effort, and each member has a part to play, whether we are working on our own projects for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, to help with group efforts, or are just interested in learning more about the Freedom our American Constitution offers and guarantees.

The group's primary focus will be on activities geared toward spreading the word about Freedom and the Constitution. Post ideas for activities, exciting articles, and news for the campaign. We'd like to do this in a non-partisan way, so please try to keep all comments as positive as possible, even if you can't stand your political opponents! Thanks.
Invite your friends to join us! Many thanks to our members who have made this group possible.
Hope for America! Be a part of it.


1. Continue to inform and awaken the public. Produce rallies, letters to newspaper editors, flyers and factual messages, work with the American Patriot Council to support our troops through the Wounded Warrior project, conduct Flag waves, and send items to the troops over- seas.

2. Involve others. Bring one more person to a meeting, talk to co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family. We are a totally grass roots organization. Every community and every individual matters.

3. Work with local and state officials, including governors, representatives, mayors, sheriffs, school boards, and trustees. Make sure they abide by the Constitution and respect Freedom of Religion, the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment and all of the Bill of Rights.

4. Get the attention of the Federal Government. We don't agree with the current direction in which both political parties are headed, that is, toward socialism, Marxism, and communism. It is time we move toward Americanism.

5. Promote self-reliance, but not with combat gear and locked and loaded M-16s. Be prepared if things fall apart, no matter the cause. Among our missions is to promote the idea that Americans must make preparations to assure that they have warm shelter, clean water, food, and protection in the event of any local, regional or national emergency.

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Handgun Safety and Familiarization Class

Toronto Rod & Gun Club

Join us enjoy the movie The Enemies Within, and a call from Jimmy from Brooklyn

Jefferson County Campus of Eastern Gateway Community College

AFP GLA Insight to action "Moral Case for Capitalism"

Jefferson County Campus of Eastern Gateway Community College

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