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What we’re about

The apiary of North Staffordshire Beekeepers Association is located at Forsbrook. We're a friendly bunch, who love bees. If you're curious about beekeeping, we'd love to see you and tell you all about it.

everyone attending the apiary must accept the following:

  • the apiary is accessed across a grass field, which can be a little rough in places so please make sure that you have suitable footwear
  • you run the risk of bee stings anywhere in or near the apiary, and you should not attend the apiary if you are allergic to bee stings
  • if you use our protective equipment (eg beesuits), it is your responsibility to ensure it is in good repair and bee proof; you should wear bee proof, loose-fitting trousers and bee proof footwear such as wellingtons. If you find the loan beesuit is damaged report it a team leaders, enabling it to be taken for repair
  • seek assistance from others to ensure you are free of bees before removing suits and leaving the apiary
  • you should not wear perfumes or scented deodorants
  • bee disease risk - do not use your own hive tools or gloves (we provide them)
  • you must follow the instructions of the apiary team leaders
  • take care with fire when using smokers: if using the blow torch ensure no-one is nearby and extinguish it immediately after use; ensure that no burning material blows out of the smoker; keep water nearby
  • keep your veil away from naked flames as they are flammable and can cause serious burns;
  • if you feel unwell you must notify a team leader and move away from the hives to the seats at the top of the field
  • it is your responsibility to obtain manual handling training, as mishandling heavy hive parts can cause injuries
  • children should not attend without the express prior permission of the event organiser, and a parent/guardian must be present at all times

Newcomers are welcome to attend, and bee suits are available to borrow (on a first come basis)

Those who attend regularly should consider becoming members of North Staffs BKA as this gives access to more information, access to educational resources, monthly meetings during the winter\spring months, details of insurance for your own hives and of course access to years of experience from other beekeepers.
As part of the membership, you also become a member of BBKA (British BeeKeepers Association).

Check out the North Staffs BKA website