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What we’re about

-To investigate & Prevention of Cruelty against animals & encourage animal lovers to adopt an Indian dog/puppy/cats/others instead of a purebred or from a shelter. 

  • To show the street dog in a positive light , relieve the suffering of animals , to provide them shelter & care.

  • To provide aid to sick and injured animals & promote neutering and rescue & rehabilitate sick and needy animals & support, financial or otherwise to deserving animal welfare initiatives. 

  • To promote programs and services that build the bond between animals & people on behalf of animal rights & Educate on health, environment and economic costs of animal based choices ,awareness media programs on animal related issues. 

-To Act as a pressure group to bring about environmental and animal friendly legislation & introduce animal welfare either as a school or extracurricular activity or Educate and Sensitize Conduct a school contact programmed. 

-To operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment, while educating policymakers and the public about animal abuse and promoting an understanding of the right of all animals to be treated with respect 

-To Promote Vegetarianism & career opportunities in animal welfare, and seek suitable homes for animals without owners. 


  • Have successfully organized more then 10 mix breed and Indian puppies adoption camp in Delhi NRC last year,more than 120 puppies have found there forever home through our camps.

  • Successfully organized one of the biggest fundraisers in Delhi NCR event "YARD SALE"of which 100% of the proceeds was donated toward the vaccination of stray dogs in our region.

-Our first batch cross states educational tour for our Volunteers (April '10 -April'13 at Solan/Shimla) was organised for educational exposure .

-Our project"PYAAS" s motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals and save them from dehydration during summers with the help of Delhi NCR residents. This is a completely volunteer driven initiative and the success of this initiative depends on the funds we raise to buy the water bowls and place them in different locations and help animals to quench there thirst in far we have delivered 100 bowls in delhi NCR and looking forward to achieve a number of 500 bowls to be placed and the project will be revised and done every year in MAY & June season.

We are coming up with many big and small ideas to project,the idea behind is to make a difference in this world that has been on our mind for quite some time now. we are excited to finally be doing so - however small it may be.