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Dear All,
This program revolves around stress management, and it is aimed at helping people find healthy coping mechanisms for the stressors in their lives. We all need to accept some stress in our daily lives, but it can sometimes take over other healthy emotions and become overwhelming.

I am a stress management-mindfulness therapist and social worker by background but the sessions are not about me and my qualifications, it all about you!!!

The focus is on how to successfully overcome negative mental states by making some modifications in the ways life is approached. I firmly believe that this is achievable, and it is all about how our perceptions of reality affect the way we assign meaning to events and experiences in life. When deciding how to manage stress, it is crucial to make sure your method is healthy and sustainable in the long-term. It is important to realize that unhealthy levels of stress are the result of how we approach life, and this can be changed by making different decisions. This will be the key focus of our sessions. I look forward to working with you all!

How to participate:
Download the Zoom app for free on a desktop or mobile device.
After you click attend, you'll see the Zoom link to join the event.
What happens in the event:
Upon entering the event you will be in our virtual lobby where our event hosts will welcome you. We will explain how the event works

Some of the topic that we will cover (in the spread of a number of sessions): 
-What mindfulness is 
-Where does suffering comes from
-The depressing past
-Foretelling the future
-Thoughts feeling and emotions
-Self image
-Making friends with emotions
-Endless thinking
-The here and now
-Creating a breathing space
-Loving kindness
-Mindfulness and stress
-Viewing pain mindfully
-Mindfulness and relationships
-Mindful listening ​

Meet up info:

Cost: Free

The class will be held on Zoom and I'll send you the link once you'll RSVP.

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
For enquiries, please drop a line on the Meetup page or send a private message to support@mentalhealthcoaching.org
I also deliver 1-2-1 online sessions. Please drop me an email to discuss, prices, structure and delivery mode.

***Please, try to be in time for the start of the lesson
Sensitive subject area 
Sensitive Subject Area: The group sessions are delivered by an experienced and trained therapist, but they are not specifically designed to treat mental health problems and this is not a therapy or support group. Please do join this course only if you feel it is safe to do so. It is best to check with your GP or therapist if you feel you need mental health support. My aim is to keep everyone safe. If you are unsure about anything, please contact me to discuss.

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Website: mentalhealthcoaching.org
Tony De Palmas, Mental Health Social Worker. Stress Management Therapist. Mental Health and Mindset Coach, United Kingdom. support@mentalhealthcoaching.org - (0044) 07852734126

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