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This group focuses on photographic lighting techniques. Mostly with off-camera flashes using snoots, gobos, gels, diffusers, reflectors, kookaloris (cookies) and lots of creativity. The goal is to learn from each other, practice what we learn and have fun!

You should join if any of these apply:
- you have a passion for photography
- you are an enthusiastic photographer that wants to explore lighting
- you read the "Strobist" blog and want to explore the lighting techniques learned there
- you are a professional photographer with experience in lighting and want to network or speak at one our meetings
- you are a Model or Makeup Artist interested in participating at our events.


Our meetup group will conform to the policies established by Meetup.com pertaining to photography.

These policies state that:

"Adult Photography
Adult photography groups that are primarily positioned for the creation, development, or sharing of pornographic or racy photographs are prohibited. This includes groups offering racy modeling opportunities, and those intending to create and distribute nude, racy, boudoir, or glamour photographic content.

Guiding principles
Meetup was not a platform created for the creation, development or distribution of racy or pornographic content. While we respect a wide diversity of human interests and content, there are other platforms that are more clearly intended for, and better at supporting those goals.

We also want to make it clear that Meetup is a place for safe and consensual community building. We identified that several of the communities being built around this interest and this content do not align with our platform and our community goals.

Groups with adult photography events scheduled

Groups not primarily intended for adult photography, but instead focused on a skill-set or photographing other diverse, and non-graphic subject matter are allowed on Meetup. However, groups that currently have upcoming events related to glamour, nude, racy, pin-up, and boudoir photography are required to remove them and refrain from hosting these events going forward in order to continue using Meetup.

In order to remove these events, please do the following: ...

​- Remove content (https://www.meetup.com/help/article/2417454/) in your group related to these Meetup activities. This includes topics, titles, description, and Meetup group photos"

Thank you for your understanding. "


Please visit us and sign up for information about our workshops, photography exhibits and social events at: www.dcphotocoop.com (http://www.dcphotocoop.com/)

To subscribe to our mailing list and receive updates and special offers for our events go to: http://eepurl.com/b1HGmP

Finally, to be part of our growing on-line community, please like us on Facebook at:

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