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What we’re about

Studio 42 is where we have moving conversations about controversial and consequential topics. Join us if you want to improve your active listening, thinking, persuasion, speaking, and dispute resolution skills while becoming more informed about the world.

As media bubbles are getting more isolated and the world is getting more polarized, it is becoming difficult to have productive discussions about controversial subjects. We face great political, economic and environmental challenges, but how can we hope to make progress on them if we cannot even discuss our disagreements reasonably?

The mission of Studio 42 is to bring people together with different backgrounds and opinions to have friendly and substantive discussions about philosophy, science, politics, spirituality and personal development. Discussions are moderated to ensure respectful exchange and to give everyone an equal opportunity to speak. You are welcome to join regardless of your political views, knowledge level or skill level. Participation is optional; you can speak or just listen in.

Studio 42 is not for "winning debates". We come together in the spirit of learning knowledge and skills, and broadening our horizons by hearing a wide range of opinions.


This is a conversation not a debate
Please come in the spirit of sharing your opinion, listening to others, and doing your part to create a friendly and productive atmosphere.

This is not a scientific institution
We are here discuss philosophical concepts, opinions and values. We will not argue about the scientific consensus on empirical matters like the veracity of anthropogenic climate change, the effectiveness of COVID vaccines, or the implications of quantum mechanics, to name a few examples.

Claims may at any time be held to standards of evidence. We aim to have an open conversation, but also to follow good epistemic practices - to reason methodically from the basis of reliable facts.

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