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What we’re about

Improve English & Make Friends


* Membership & events are FREE for this group (forever), except for your own orders and expenses.

•  Very often we hold major meetups (either language or social) at a food court near subway (downtown Toronto or North York) so that it is ABSOLUTE FREE for you. Free bottled spring water will be provided to attendees as long as I can buy it from a shop nearby.

Want to practice your English for free? Meet friends from the international community in Toronto? Learn and practice multiple languages (besides English) for free? Get valuable info/assistance/resources or attend activities of interests together? Understand the diverse cultures all over the world? JOIN US--

A Free & Friendly Community for English Learning, Practice & Peer Supports

This is a community of international students, newcomers to Canada, people interested in improving their English, people interested in another language or culture, and English-speaking locals who'd like to help out or make friends. We are Not-for-Profit and not associated with any (private) English schools or immigration companies etc.

• What motivated us to do this? It's a happy thing to serve, meet friends from all over the world, and we like international students/visitors or newcomers to blend in, enjoy what the city has to offer, and get  a wonderful impression when you first come to Toronto or leave an unforgettable memory when you return to your home country--we are all in it creating invaluable friendship across the boundary or barrier of nationalities, languages, races, cultures, and distance--isn't it something nice:)

All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome! Have fun and learn in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are native or advanced English speakers, welcome to join us, make friends, and help out!


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Events and Classes to be offered in Downtown Toronto and/or North York.

• Live in Toronto--Youtube tips for immigrants, foreigners and newcomers:

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** EVERYONE IS WELCOME ** Every group (in the above list) & their events and service are free (except for your own orders or expenses)