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What we’re about

it's a group for people who want to start their own businesses but don't know how to do it. hey fellow entrepreneurs we all know that lots of students and aspiring entrepreneurs want to start their own businesses but there is no consulting firms to guide them and if they are available , they are too costly. so come and learn all the things you want to learn. may be you want to know the answers of following things and many more ... 

 if you want to know ... 

1. how to defeat your toughest competitors ? 

2. how to think and acquires the skills of great innovators like Thomas edison , steve jobs etc. ? 

3. how to bootstrap your company if you don't have enough money ? 

4. how to make a product that your customers wants?

 5. how the core advantages that makes a company successful becomes disadvantages?

 6. what are the pitfalls of innovation and how to make innovation happen ? 

7. how to decide should i start this business or try something different ?

 8. why even the best companies makes stupid mistakes and how can we stay away from it ? 

9. which person to hire ? who is more suitable for us ? 

10. how to manage a team ? and lots more .......

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