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Welcome to the Stuttgart JavaScript meetup group. We host regular workshops and tech talks on a variety of different JavaScript topics.

Hang out and discuss JavaScript tips, tricks, hacks, and frameworks with some of the best scripters around. Show off cool stuff you've done and learn about what else is going on in the JS community. We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you at an upcoming event.

If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring please contact one of the organizers!

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Stuttgart JS March - Sponsored by CGI Deutschland

CGI Deutschland

Hello fellow Javascripters, CGI Deutschland will host our next meetup. Steve Chactue Akono - Electron vs. Proton Native Choosing the right framework to build a cross platform desktop application is a very important for any business. It can have a big impact on scalability of your app and further code maintainability. In this session, we will describe the difference between two JavaScript framework: Electron and Proton native. We will examine both framework on various parameters: performance, features, size, dependencies, maturity and community. Finally, we will build a Proton native app with Redux. Thomas Sauer - Making music in the browser with the MIDI and Audio API

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