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What we’re about

This group has the purpose to help people reach their full-potential, in any aspect of life. It’s for those who are in pursuit of happiness, who tend towards and search for positivity in their life, who would love to be more confident, and for those who are striving to be successful in life and achieve their goals. If this is YOU, please join us!

Do you have dreams that seem impossible to achieve? What are the mental barriers stopping someone from DOING things in their life? How does one LIVE life fully?

Why are some people able to make a decision and then carry out that decision, while others make a decision and then freeze and do nothing? Or instantly invalidate their own decision?

Maybe you have a successful business or career, but still feel lonely, unhappy and that you are not following your passion. Is true, lasting happiness even possible?

Believe it or not, there are those who are genuinely happy in life, doing what they love and creating a bright future for themselves and their families. What knowledge do these people have and apply that others do not? Were they just “born that way” or are they applying knowledge to their lives which help them generate success and happiness?

We’ll be offering several talks every month to address just that; given by people who are successful in their fields and also other aspects of life. These events will address:

- How do you sustain happiness and what stops you from being happy?
- What causes people to act irrationally?
- What aspect of the mind is blocking you from DOING?
- What knowledge and tools do successful people use to conquer life?
- What are the keys to remaining confident?

In this group you will learn about:
- what mental health has to do with these things
- how to let go of bad experiences
- how to navigate personal relationships: selecting your friends, spouse, business partners.
- how to get rid of the blocks to being a great entrepreneur, spouse, athlete, artist or person
- What is Basic Purpose and how does it affect your life?

Let's unlock our full potential and lead a happier life!

We hold virtual events that will inspire and help you discover yourself and your potentialities which are greater than anyone ever permitted you to believe. In the near future, once things get back to normal, we will also be holding in-person events.

This group is created by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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