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Negativity and Insecurity come from somewhere and can be dealt with successfully once the source is known. Have you ever gotten angry and not known why? Do you introvert and become shy for no reason? Are you anxious? Do you want to be more successful or find the perfect relationship? How is your ability to love? Do you bounce back fast after a set-back?

This group has the purpose to help people become happier in their lives by imparting tools for everyday use. The format is informal with participation and exchange, but one may choose to quietly observe.

Happiness is an age old quest. It is elusive but is actually quite real and attainable. Happiness is basically the overcoming of obstacles toward a known goal. There are many tools and methods to help one do this. Our events will help you with:

Effects of past painful experiences.

Understanding other people and why they act the way they do.

Controlling your emotions and anxieties.

Becoming more positive

The point is, there are things you can learn to increase your happiness, self-confidence and overall well being and get rid of negativity and insecurities.

We teach natural, common sense techniques and information to improve life.

We look forward to having you in our group! Currently the group will be online and will extend to physical meetings once possible. We aim to help you as an individual. Elizabeth has 30 years experience helping people in many facets of life using proven, natural techniques.

This group has been created in association with the Dianetics Life-Improvement Center.


Moving Foreward and Blossoming

"A few years back I had reached a plateau in my life. I was complacent for a few years and couldn't move forward. Bett worked with me and in just a few visits I was able to pop out of my stuck-ness in life. Since that time, my personal life and business life have both blossomed and everything continues to keep moving up. Thanks Bett for being such an understanding person and knowing just the right things to say. And for coaching me to do just the exact right things so that I could get myself unstuck and continue to keep me flourishing. You have such excellent and individualized care. You have lots of love from me." PB

​“Bett was very friendly in helping me get educated on how to get rid drugs and toxins. She created an amazing environment to detox and was there for me every step of the way." CD

Energized and Optimistic

​“I felt refreshed and highly energized after my session with Bett McCaffrey. Initially I was feeling very heavy hearted and then I felt surprised about how optimistic I felt after the session. There was a sense of clarity and renewal with insights and understanding about my issues. I feel confident about recommending her to anyone. “ MR.

"​I am so grateful to have Bett as that person I can depend on for life’s challenges. As a result of working with her, I was able to avoid a big mistake in a real estate transaction, and with her guidance made several good decisions that have resulted in a very high level of survival for me. I very highly recommend her as an “ear,” who for some mysterious reason, always has the right answers to things I just can’t wrap my wits around. You can’t go wrong getting to know this wonderful person, and having her on your side." M.B.

The Route to True Happiness

​“Even though 40 years have passed I can’t forget the profound effect my sessions with Bett had on my life! Working with her helped me discover the happiness that was inside of me. That realization brought love and happiness to my life, my family and my career. It was a turning point for me, and I’m so thankful!” LB

​“Bett is a wonderful consultant, she has helped me a lot in life. I am grateful for her help and guidance professionally. I am a better employee thanks to her. And I’m especially thankful for her help in my relationship - she helped me smooth out my relationship in just a few minutes and things are sailing smooth now.” AT

​"Whenever I have an especially challenging problem in life, there is one person I trust to call, one who is very wise, has a unusual amount of common sense, and always directs me in the right direction to resolve my problem. She has on numerous times helped me through thorny situations, always with the wisdom to get me to see the correct solution." MB

Upcoming events (4+)

Answers For Couples that Argue and Fight To Make Their Relationship More Alive!


Do you argue and fight? Are you tired of it and would like some techniques to get it under control? Your relationship can be more positive and alive!

Discover simple tools designed to keep any relationship healthy and happy — or start a new one off on the right foot.

Brought to you by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center .

How To Be More Extroverted And Expand Your Social Life!

Online event

Online event

Do other people have more fun than you do? There are simple life hacks you can use to improve your communication skills and your social life. Communication is not just yakking. Communication is the whole experience of connecting with people and forming relationships. It includes the joy, understanding, and love formed among people.

In our meetings, you will learn:

  • A simple life hack to increase your liking and tolerance of other people, or even of yourself!
  • How to become more interested and enjoy conversations with people.
  • How to be comfortable in social settings.
  • How to be yourself
  • How to become more extroverted and,
  • How to make connections with people.

Feeling lonely, isolated, or bored? This meeting is exactly what you need! Come join us!

This group is brought to you by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

Can You Rid Yourself of Past Pain for a Happier Future?

Online event

This is an on-line Zoom Webinar. This event is an introduction to how to handle irrational emotion and past pain. How often are yours or another's emotions out of control? What is that about??? I have asked these questions and after much search have found answers and am sharing.

Maybe you have suffered a traumatic experience, a deep loss or been through a painful breakup? After that, you try to move on- you just can't. Possibly you have a thought or emotion that hangs around for days and you just can't shake it. What is all this stress, anxiety, depression, and self doubt? It's just crazy! It's not the real you. You can find out what is at the root of all this.

This is an on-line class using ZOOM.

Areas you can be helped with:

Control of unwanted emotions
Lack of confidence
Creating ideal relationships
and more...

This is an on-line class that can start you on the way to a better life, more confidence and less negativity. All the happiness you have lies within you. Let's find it!

We only use natural proven techniques, no drugs or labeling. Feel free to call Bett at[masked] for assistance or with any questions.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics Life Improvement Center.

How To Find The Right Relationship for Happiness

Online event

Avoiding relationship is the last thing you want to do because it means you have given up, but how do you not make the same mistakes you have made in the past? How do you move on with a clear mind and an easy heart?

  • Discover who you really want in a relationship.
  • Find a complete new way to pick the right partner for you

Come to this meeting and learn how to have a bright new relationship!

This group is created by the Dianetics and Scientology life improvement information center in Washington, DC.

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