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SIMS is a free meet up group for small businesses. SIMS is an opportunity to learn about digital marketing from experts. Whether you're an established business, or just starting out, there's always more to learn. We have experts in a wide range of digital marketing skills who are always happy to give you the advice you need for your business to work more effectively online.

Experts in digital marketing give short, informative talks to local businesses to help them learn how to reach new audiences online, how to analyse if their efforts are working and the right questions to ask about their website.

You don't need to be technical to attend. You just need to be passionate about your business and your customers. We are a community, run by the people for the people. Regular meetups with exciting talks and demo's all 100% virtual. We look forward to meeting you. We'll meet once a month in the evening; it's free to attend and open to all.

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Why people buy and why they don't!

Online event

The Talk:

During the talk, we'll look at why most people think selling is a 'dirty word' and why overcoming this 'belief' is the fundamental key to sales success. We'll examine the mistakes sales people make and why we find it difficult to turn a perfectly good sales lead into a sale. If you apply some of the advice I shared in this talk, your sales results will improve - guaranteed.

✔ Why buyers don't buy from you
✔ The mistakes we make that makes selling difficult
✔ How to start a sales call the right way
✔ The essential questions to ask every buyer
✔ How to achieve buyer commitment and advance the sale

About Matt Sykes:

I've worked in sales all my life, selling products and services with deal sizes ranging from £19.99 to £75m. In 2013, as a European Sales Director for a global business, I realised I didn't know how to sell and the guilt forced me to quit my job. I spent 3 years at 'sales school' and in 2016, I set up my sales training company Salescadence with the sole aim of helping more people like you, help more people buy what you sell. I'm the author of 2 books on the subject, I speak at events and I head up the sales function for one of the UKs fastest growing data protection companies.

Raising Start-up Capital

Online event

The Talk:

You have an idea: but an idea is all that it currently is. You need finance to make that idea become a reality. Finance initially to prove the concept, and then finance to commercialise it. What do you need to be thinking about in order to raise this finance?

This session will cover the following main headings:

✔ The business, and finance, "lifecycle".
✔ Your "primary" financial statements, what they really mean, and what you really need to be thinking when you prepare them.
✔ An introduction to basic valuation concepts: Equity value, Enterprise value, Asset value, pre-money, post-money...
✔ Tax

About Luke Morris:

I began specialising in Corporate Finance having spent a year seconded to the Central Bank of Kuwait after the 2008 crisis. It involved reorganising a $3.5bn global asset portfolio held by a leading Middle Eastern investment house and I found it fascinating.

Prior to that I studied at King’s College, Cambridge and went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant with PwC in the East of England. Wanting some international experience, I then relocated to the Middle East with EY.

At EY Kuwait I led a diverse corporate client practice and gained useful experience across the region. I undertook a number of governmental projects (including the aforementioned Central Bank work). I then seconded to EY North America to spend a year largely on PIE IFRS conversion projects in the Utilities and Mining sectors.

I returned to the UK in 2011 to build the corporate practice of a smaller firm in Suffolk, where I was responsible for its capital market and more serious corporate and transactional work, as well as its complex international assignments.

In 2017 I joined Scrutton Bland at a time of significant growth of the firm and a re-focussing of the business on technology and advisory niches. We are operationally very agile and have a clear development plan centred around fast progression of our people. We have built on recent regional growth in to Cambridge, as well as significant expansion of both our Ipswich and Colchester offices, consolidating a 100 year history in both of those towns and reinforcing our long-standing commitment to, and legacy in, Suffolk and Essex.

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