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There is 2-hour free parking on the block in front of campus. Arrive at 2220 Central Avenue and ring the bell to be let in.

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Join us for a Crash Course on Intro to Blazor, we are excited to host Mark Dewey as he walks us through Blazor!

The web is an always changing place, but one thing that is usually constant is JavaScript. But, now, there might be a viable alternative to JavaScript. Blazor is fresh new technology that allows developers to create beautiful client apps, using HTML, CSS, and C#. That’s right, no JavaScript. Blazor replaces JavaScript with C#, in which compiles from C# to Web Assembly.

Join Mark Dewey, the Core Instructor, for a trip through the fresh new JavaScript-less world of Blazor and explore the possibilities.

Who is this for?
- Developers looking to see how we can a web app with Blazor
- Anyone interested in sees how a web app is built

We are going to explore aspects of Blazor and build a sample app or two.

Requirement (if attendees will be following along):
- A laptop that is WiFi capable.
- Access to a command line utility.
- .NET Core 3.0 installed
- Code editor (VSCode recommended)
- Web browser

- What is Blazor?
- What problem does Blazor solve?
- Where does this fit into the grand world of programming?
- Create a simple Blazor app together

Feel free to pack dinner or drinks as well! Don't code hangry.

About the Instructor:
Hailing from the Appalachian Mountains, Mark moved to the Tampa Bay Area for a change of (sunnier) scenery and to help grow this sliver of coastline into a technology hub. After receiving his BA in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, Mark helped start and grow many different apps, software, and businesses through a practical approach merging design, software, and a little bit of panache. Currently, Mark is the Core Instructor for the Suncoast Developers Guild. When not changing the world, one keystroke at a time, Mark can be found enjoying the outdoors, traveling, enjoying the magic at Disney World, and his cats.

Twitter: @juggler2009

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