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There is 2-hour free parking on the block in front of campus. Arrive at 2220 Central Avenue and ring the bell to be let in.

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Join us for a Crash Course on Kubernetes 101, we are excited to host John Wynkoop as he walks us through the basics of Kubernetes!
Attendees will walk away with:
- Entry-level understanding of Kubernetes and container orchestration
- Understanding of basic Kubenetes concepts such as Deployments, Pods, Services, ConfigMaps, etc
- Knowledge of how to deploy a sample application to a Kubernetes Cluster
- A high-level overview of more advanced Kube topics: autoscaling, metrics, service mesh, helm charts
- Experience deploying a managed Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud (GKE)

This is a combination of lecture and lab, students will be doing about 1.5hrs of actual, hands-on work on GKE.

- Laptop with Internet Access
- Google Cloud Account (with $300 free credit)
- Previous experience with Google Cloud and the Linux command line is helpful, but not required.
- Come ready to learn and ask questions!


Kubernetes Overview
- What is Kubernetes
- A Brief History of Kubernetes
- What it does
- What it doesn’t do
- Cluster architecture

Kubernetes Objects
- Containers and Pods
- Deployments, StatefulSets, DaemonSets
- Services
- ConfigMaps and Secrets

Advanced Kubernetes
- Autoscaling
- Metrics
- Helm
- Istio


Putting it together (Hands-On)
- Start a cluster
- Install a demo application
- Connect to your demo application
- Scale your application manually

If there’s time (Hands-On)
- Configure your application with a configmap
- Scale your application with an HPA

About The Instructor:
John has done almost every job in tech, including writing his fair share of terrible code. From supercomputers to clouds, he’s passionate about building large scale distributed systems that make the world a more connected place. When he’s not building things, you can usually find him giving a technical workshop or speaking about modern DevOps practices.

Twitter: @packetfodder

Feel free to pack dinner or drinks as well!

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