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What we’re about

Liability Waiver:;

Get outta town with Sunset...The ultimate open road adventure experience for high performance exotic, luxury and classic cars. Drive through the most beautiful scenery and back roads loaded with rolling hills, sweeping turns, flat land, farms, woods, marshlands and historical sites that reveal the Mid-Atlantic region's charms. 

We are dedicated to meeting at least once a month for events hosted both by the club as well as other organizations. We do not repeat the same routes in a year so each drive comes with a unique and exciting road map. 

Participants will be provided with a route map card with directions, walkie talkie, and numbered car sticker during our events for easy navigation, communication and safety. 

This is an exclusive but yet all-inclusive group so high performance cars of a variety of makes, models and eras are welcomed.

Looking forward to having fun with everybody and driving together - One Nation Under Sunset!

*** By requesting to join our club, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted the rules and liability waiver of the club. ***