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The Sunshine Gals is a social group of fun-loving and whimsical Gals who celebrate life with a positive outlook and sunny disposition...and lots of love and laughter. We enjoy dining out, movies, the arts, home & garden tours, tea parties, potlucks, plays & performances, day trips, and much more. We're always open to new experiences and adventures.

Since our beginning in 2009, The Sunshine Gals have attracted some of the kindest & most compassionate ladies around. Many who have made lifelong friends! Each of our Sunshine Gals brings something special to our group. We are proud to be a society of unique women from all walks of life. The common bond that Sunshine Gals have is the desire to surround ourselves with joyful, authentic people who have a zest for life and a great sense of humor. Our group spreads sunshine wherever we go!

The Sunshine Gals is my gift to you. Since moving out of Orange County to Palm Springs, I, Candy, have stepped down as the sole organizer and the group is now run by Doris Stephens who has volunteered to be Co Organizer and Event Organizer. Contact her if you would like to be one of our Event Hosts and to host an event. This is a great way to plan something that YOU would like to do. You will have access to our calendar and can host events any time you wish. I will always be a part of our group as founder. Kimberly is co-organizer in name only. She is kind enough to sponsor our group onto her account in order for us to remain free of paying any dues. THANK YOU KIMBERLY!

I would like to send a special thank you to Doris for continuing to keep our group active by being our loyal event and co organizer. We all thank you for your commitment and love for our group. The success of this group is because of her dedication and involvement. We all thank you!

All of our events are completely voluntary. Only YES RSVP's are ever needed, but PLEASE UPDATE your RSVP if your plans change, and cannot attend after all.

NO SHOW POLICY: Members who RSVP "Yes" for an event need to change their RSVP to "No" if their plans change and they cannot attend the event. Upon the 4th no show, a member will be removed from the group. This is just one example of why RSVPs should be tendered with positive intentions on attending and cancelled if plans have changed. Some upcoming events require exact counts at least 24 hours prior to the event and the penalty for falling short of this will cost the Organizer an out of pocket expense for no shows from the venue we have reserved space for. Thank you for understanding.

Our group colors are yellow and pink. You will find many of the Gals wearing our colors to make us easier to spot at our events and to show our Sunshine Gals spirit. We welcome you to show your spirit too... it adds to the fun and whimsy of our group. Wearing just one yellow/pink accessory counts! It's completely optional!

I am very proud of the enthusiasm of our group and with its growth and progress. I am grateful for the positive and genuine women who continue to make The Sunshine Gals what it is today... BEAUTIFUL.

Candy G.

Upcoming events (4+)

Breakfast at IHOP, LaMirada Theater Center

Needs a location

This is in the LaMirada Theater Center and is the prequel to the play we are attending at 1 15.

Musical Comedy, Young Frankenstein-LaMirada Theater & IHOP B4

Needs a location

Believe it or not, tickets are selling out fast for this performance! Here is the link to buy tickets. Comment below which seat you have so we can try to sit together.



Needs a location

Glitterfest Fall


Local artisans and crafters displaying and selling some unique and amazing things. Click the link to learn more and to purchase a ticket. Tickets are $7

If anyone is interested in a late lunch after comment below and I will add place and time to the event.

Huge Gem and Jewelry Show

Needs a location


Click on the link above for more information and a two for one coupon.
I plan to go on Friday and look at rocks and crystals. Post in the comment section if you would like to meet up with someone and have them private message you with their cell or a meet time and place. This is a public site.

The show is on from Friday through Sunday.


Past events (853)

41st Annual Fascination of Orchids, Santa Ana Zoo

Needs a location

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