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What we’re about

Are you an only child adult who has lost a parent or both parents and feeling overwhelmed at times? Do you struggle to understand your role as an adult, parent, wife, or husband without your parental anchor/support network? I am looking to create a support network for bereaved, only child adults to help with the process of grief, as well as any feelings of loneliness, confusion, and anxiety. I want to create a community where we can reach out to one another for support.

I lost my mother suddenly in 2020 which really impacted me as I found myself fully alone with no siblings or parents (my father died when I was 6). Grief was overwhelming, not only as a daughter mourning the loss of her parents but also as a mother. I suddenly found myself at the age of 44 having to navigate the hardships of life and parenthood without the security and wisdom of my parents.

Only child adults who may be experiencing similar feelings after a loss are encouraged to join, though it is open to anyone suffering from bereavement or a sudden death. Some people feel like an only child even when they have siblings, and so this group is open to anyone needing bereavement support and a community.

I hope to organise some meet-ups in the future when restrictions lift, but for now it would be great to start building a community where we can safely share our stories and offer support to one another.