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The Albany Sushi Club is now boasting over 1,800 members. When we started I was one of 18 Members and look at us now. Invite all your sushi loving friends to join us. We have some exciting plans for the coming year including a few non sushi events. We've done Make Your Own Sushi classes and have a new place that is prepared to offer us another one very soon. We have introduced our group to brand new sushi restaurants and it has kick started their popularity among sushi lovers in the community.

Recommendations, comments, criticisms are always welcome. Remember, this is not ALL about Sushi, it's about YOU, meeting new and old friends and having fun.

Get ready to please your palate and meet new friends.


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We're back!
After a rousing start post Covid, the uptick in the Virus slowed things down to see what would happen.
It's time to live again and we are starting with a small Meetup at AkanomI. They have a private dining room with limited seating, ergo the 24 member limit.
Akanomi is a delightful Sushi venue with a comprehensive menu and a few novel things added. The restaurant is offering a 10% discount on any food item on the menu. Our hostess just may toss in a few surprises during the evening.
We are starting the event at 5:30 pm to provide time for a cocktail hour and hopefully a chance to meet a few new Members. Dinner will be at 6:30 and to give our chefs a break anyone coming to Happy Hour could order when you get there and keep a big rush from happening when we are seated. You also get to eat first.
Don't miss this one and be sure to book early.
Be on the lookout for our Gourmet dining experience at Samurai and once I meet the new owners of Wasabi, our latest all you can eat restaurant, we will be heading there as well.

As we still live in a free country we will honor the Restaurant rules and not the political ones. Akanomi has a sign that says no mask, no sushi.
There is NO requirement of a vaccination to attend. This is a decision to be made between you and your doctor. Just practice safety regarding others.

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