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What we’re about

Welcome to Sushi and More!
Calling all Friendly Foodies! We are Sushi and More, meaning we like to try out sushi venues along with other cuisines. We'll be scheduling dining events, probably 1-3 times per month (depending on Event Organizer schedules). Generally, we'll choose restaurants at the mid ($11-30) level. Mostly week day evenings and weekend lunches scheduling. Occasionally, we may include an activity like art festivals, food festivals and beer festivals, and more. We are open to all who share a positive energy, attitude, and believe in inclusiveness and respect for others. And of course it helps greatly if you have a very healthy appetite for GREAT FOOD!!! We welcome venue suggestions and encourage anyone to feel free to host events. Just let the organizers know and we will make you an event host.

This is a Request to Join group. To join, we ask that you have a photo (for security reasons) that is a current picture of yourself on your Meetup profile that clearly shows your face (without sunglasses - think driver's license image), first name (please no one letter or logo names), answer the questions, and agree to the RSVP policy. You will be removed from the group if you do not adhere to the rules. This group is open to all adults 21+, but you must be a member of Meetup and join this group to sign up for most events. If you plan to have a regular companion, please have that person sign up as a member and RSVP separately. Some events will allow non-member guests and that will be noted in the event title. 
Pictures are often taken during meetups and posted on the site, if you don't want to be photographed then wear a bag over your head.

No Fee or Attendance Quota for this group, but we expect Friendly Foodies to RSVP Responsibly and with Integrity (update "Yes RSVPs" to "No" if plans change). It only takes less than 5 seconds, folks!

-- As this is a dining event PLEASE RSVP with integrity as space is limited & it's not fair to others or the venue to do a last minute cancellation. Last minute cancellations (meaning after the event closes - time which can be seen on the app if set for the event) count as NO SHOWS & it's 2 strikes you're out of the group. Emergencies/illness happen--we get it--and it only takes a few seconds to change your RSVP from ATTENDING to NOT ATTENDING. This is also YOUR responsibility. And it's a common courtesy. If you abuse emergency/illness reason you will also be removed from the group.

The expectation is that you will arrive within a few minutes of event start times. Dining events have been scheduled for specific times as they are sit down dinners & reservations have been made with venues. Happy hour & No-Host events have more leniency with the start times & you can arrive when you wish. Please note if it is too late the group may no longer be there.

WAITLISTS (Use is at the discretion of the Event Host):
--You yourself are responsible for managing your own RSVP when on a WAITLIST. IF you stay on a WAITLIST, you could get on the going list at any time. If you assume you will not get on the going list and make other plans, it is your responsibility to update your RSVP to not going to avoid a no show or last minute cancellation. You have potentially taken a spot away from another member who would have loved to join the event.

--This Group is a drama-free zone. Members may be removed at the discretion of the Organizer if they exhibit rude/offensive/abusive/overly aggressive/highly negative/toxic behaviors and attitudes toward others; being friendly is cool--being pushy and harassing others is not.

--Hosts/organizers of this group are all unpaid volunteers. All participants who join Sushi and More agree to assume 100% responsibility for their own portion of the bill, safety, conduct, and well-being & solely agree to participate upon their own accord when signing up for events. The organizers of Sushi and More and current and former members cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for the actions of any participant - including you - at any event. When you RSVP 'Yes', to any Sushi and More event it shall be conclusively presumed that you understand & agree to this policy.

Thank you for your cooperation!