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This group was started in April of 2003. We switched from java.net to meetup.com at the beginning of 2009. This Java User Group (JUG) is for anyone interested in learning more about JEE web application development. We meet at Google in Mountain View, California, on the third Wednesday of the month. All levels of JEE web application development experience are welcome. Our meetings are always free to attend.

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OpenJDK 17: Get Ready for the Next LTS Java

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With the release of OpenJDK 17, all OpenJDK distributions will be providing long-term support (LTS) for this version of the Java platform. Many Java users currently running on OpenJDK 8 or OpenJDK 11 will want to migrate their production environments to OpenJDK 17. This will enable them to take advantage of the numerous new features and enhancements made possible by the six-month release cadence introduced in 2017.

This session will provide details of changes to the Java platform covering OpenJDK 12 to 17. Although many things have been added, some have also been removed. We'll highlight these things and explain how they may impact application migration. We’ll cover all aspects of the OpenJDK: the Java language, core APIs, the JVM and tooling and other OpenJDK-specific features, including Switch expressions (OpenJDK 12), Text blocks (OpenJDK 13), Records (OpenJDK 14), Pattern matching, for instanceof (OpenJDK 14), Sealed classes (OpenJDK 15), and Pattern matching for switch (OpenJDK 17), as well as, on the API side, Foreign-Memory Access API (OpenJDK 14), Vector API (OpenJDK 16), and Foreign Linker API (OpenJDK 16).

By the end of this session, you’ll be all set to take advantage of all the modern Java features!


Pratik is a Java Champion and Developer Advocate at Azul Systems.. He has extensive experience leading teams, building products, building software, and building startup companies. He has worked as a developer, lead architect, and CTO in his career. He has published several books on Java technology & software development, and is a master builder of nachos.

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Securing and Exploiting Java Applications

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