Reactive Programming: A New Asynchronous Database Access API



6:00-7:00: Socializing (Thanks Oracle for food and drinks!)
7:00-7:10: Announcements
7:10-8:30: A New Asynchronous Database Access API
8:30-8:45: Q&A


Reactive Applications require non-blocking database access. The existing JDBC API leads to blocked threads, threads scheduling, and contention. For high throughput and large-scale deployment, the Java community needs a standard asynchronous API for database access where user threads never block.

This session presents an advance look at a possible new Java standard for accessing SQL databases. This new API is completely non-blocking. It is not intended to be an extension to, or a replacement for, JDBC but, rather, an entirely separate API that provides completely non-blocking access to the same databases as JDBC. This session examines the API, its execution model, code samples, a demo of a prototype, and the next steps.


Douglas Surber: JDBC Architect, Oracle JDBC development; lead of the Async Db Access API (ADBA). He is Oracle rep at the JDBC Expert Group; has presented at JavaOne, and other Java events.

Kuassi Mensah: Director of Product Management, Oracle Database Java products development o Frequent speaker: JavaOne, Oracle Open World, Data Summit, Node Summit, Oracle User groups (UKOUG, DOAG,OUGN, BGOUG, OUGF, GUOB, ArOUG, ORAMEX, Sangam, OTNYathra, China, Thailand, etc), Author: @kmensah,,