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What we’re about

Cloud Computing is now widely adopted and security by design is gaining steam. Two main areas to focus for this group are:

    • Kubernetes & containers: Cloud infrastructure has been changing from VMs to containers and on to Serverless to meet the rapid needs of fast changing enterprise applications. Kubernetes and its ecosystem is now being used to orchestrate, manage, deliver, scale and secure applications in the varied infrastructures. This new model of diverse and fast changing infrastructure needs a new model of security that works across infrastructures. 

    • Cloud Edge security: Cloud computing especially the Public Cloud is leading to a new model of connectivity and security for the Enterprise. Services like Security are now being delivered from the Cloud rather than on premise. 


The aims of this group are:

    • Promote a common level of understanding between the providers and the users of cloud computing security around use cases, needs, technologies, solutions, processes and people. 

    • Nurture a cybersecurity community focused on Cloud computing. 

    • Focus on technologies like CASB, Cloud Web Gateway, FWaaS, DNS, Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to help with enterprise edge and Cloud edge security  

    • Focus on technologies we will focus on: ShiftLeft, GitOps, DevSecOps, Fargate, EKS, ECS, AKS, GKE, Google Anthos, Knative, Azure Arc, Cloud Functions etc. 


Practitioners CISO, CIO, VP of Security, Cloud Security who are interested in cybersecurity technology, products, services - around Cloud computing. DevOps, Security Engineers and DevSecOps who are interested in securing their cloud computing environments including both Public and Private Cloud.