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This is a community forum for developers in the San Francisco Bay Area to learn, discuss, and extend the JavaFX platform. We meet monthly in person with presentations on JavaFX tutorials, topics, and bleeding edge news. Our meetings are always free to attend or watch online.

IMPORTANT: Remote attendees should now sign-up for meetups. You will get asked whether you are attending online or local during registration, which helps us plan for food at the event.

To attend remotely, please use the new web portal here: http://steveonjava.com/svjugfx/ (http://steveonjava.com/svjugfx/)

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Deep Learning in Action for building Modern, Intelligent JavaFX Apps

Deep Learning is the biggest breakthrough in Modern AI and there is no reason for JavaFX application not be leverage the same in order to make their applications intelligent. This presentation will focus on the applications of Deep Learning, particularly how and where to use it in your projects and what are the benefits of building intelligent JavaFX apps. We will start with an overview of deep learning concepts and then delves into two uses cases of Computer Vision (Image Classification) and Natural Language Processing by deploying the ML Model via Cloud to build an interactive, intelligent JavaFX app. We will conclude sharing best practices and exploring other Java libraries that will help you apply machine learning models. This presentation will include live coding and expects no prior experience with Deep Learning. Speaker: Suyash Joshi is a Creative Technologist and Software Developer Advocate at Oracle. He is an advocate for designing and developing modern user experience for emerging technologies such as Intelligent Chatbots, Mobile AR/VR and Voice Based Interfaces for IOT. He is also a practicing magician and juggler. @Oracle Conference Center (the usual place) https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/rdb/hqcc-dir-134199.pdf Agenda (the usual time): 6:00 PM Doors Open/Food Served 7:00 PM Presentation 8:00 PM Evac For the live video feed, please go to the SvJugFx page on Steve's blog: http://steveonjava.co... (http://steveonjava.com/svjugfx/)

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