High Performance Mobile(WebView) & Mobile Web UX - Do's and Don't


Join us for a night of 2 excellent mobile web tech talks on Performance and UX.

6:00: Check in and networking

6:30: Webview Performance

Every URL visited from the Facebook iPhone app is done through a webview. Same with Twitter. Even if you don't have a mobile app, your website gets a lot of traffic from webviews. And yet, testing on webviews is challenging. There are significant performances differences between UIWebView vs WkWebView, and similarly for Android webview vs the new Chromium webview. And what about home screen apps?! In this talk, Steve Souders discusses the differences across webviews and how that affects performance of mobile web apps.

Join Steve Souders (@souders (https://twitter.com/Souders)) as he presents the latest developments for analyzing mobile performance and creating a faster mobile experience

7:15: Q&A

7:30: Mobile Web UX Do's and Don't

Suyash Joshi (@suyashcjoshi (https://twitter.com/suyashcjoshi)) will show various Mobile Web Pages, breaking down common UX anti-patterns and how to fix the same. He will also highlight the difference between native and Mobile Web UX and explain where Responsive Web Design is not enough for providing an excellent mobile web experience.

8:15: Q&A

8:30: Wrap and close

Sponsor: A big thanks to Fastly for sponsoring this meetup event!