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Open Source Night : Software Licenses, Getting Started & iOS Development

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Everything you wanted to know about Open Source Development.

Open source often has high quality bar and some of us are hesitant to publicly making mistakes during learning curve, but it's the best way to learn as an engineer.

The main theme of the talk will be Open Source: what is great about it, what is bad and how you must become a part of the Open Source community to really move quickly and benefit from it.


6:00 : Check in & Welcome

6:30 : Introduction to Open Source Software : Licenses, IP, Getting Started the easy way

7:00 : Building an Open Source iOS app: lessons learned

7:45 : Q & A

8:00 : Networking and slowly check out

In the first presentation, you will learn what is open source software actually, how various licenses differ, which one to pick and how to get started developing for open source, while keeping your day job tell and still staying sane.

The second presentation will focus on open source iOS Project:

If the iOS development were a walk in a dark city park, this talk may turn out to be your flashlight. If you like it, star it at GitHub:

You'll also have a chance to see how to get started as a developer with day job and manage time/feature constraints, which tools to use and what your approach towards open development should be from the get go. In other words

After this talk you'll see how leaving your mark in your favorite tools can be useful and fulfilling.


Suyash Joshi ( - UX Developer, Meetup Organizer

Suyash Joshi is your meetup host, developer, designer and evangelist for mobile development and design. He enjoys creating beautiful and elegant user interfaces and specializes in Android development and VR/AR. He also enjoys creative coding and prototyping projects at hackathons, weekend workshops etc.

Wojciech Koszek ( Open Source iOS Developer

Wojciech Koszek is a software engineer at Twin Prime, where he's responsible for creating an infrastructure for mobile data transfer acceleration for iOS/Android. He is a long-time Open Source contributor, with The FreeBSD project being his alma mater, he publishes most of his software on GitHub.


@suyashcjoshi (, @wkoszek ( , @svmobilemeetup (, @hackerdojo (

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