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What we’re about

This group is about movie's and game's,but not at the same time.We have game night's with game board's, classic game consoles,pool, dart's,bingo,and other games too,and we do other activities's like live music and dancing,or whatever you want to do.We know that going to a movie in theater can be expensive,so we see movie's on Netflix,or other streaming channel's and I have a projector annd screen at my house,and go the some movies in movie theater's that have special's,and go to mantie's,and we do Backyard Movie Night' movie's and occasionally we will see new movies in theater's at regular time's.If you like classic movies.If you want to host a back yard movie night,let me know.I also have a group called The SWFL Classic Movie Group,the address is is appreciated,but not required.This group is a mixed age group,from 20s all the way up to 100,and we try to be acessable to the deaf,we are looking for host's that knows sign language,and were now trying to post a sign language cheat sheet to learn how to great deaf member's.We go all over SWFL,from Port Charlotte to Naples.We are not a dating service.If you ask for a date,please don't keep bothering them if your request has been denied once.All we ask is that you respect other's.Harrasment will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group.We reserve the right to refuse to let any member come to any event's,and we also reserve the right to not let anyone join,and we also reserve the right to ask any member to leave.Unlike other group's,you can join this group,and not come to any event's The only thing we ask,is that you don't be a no show.What is a no show?It's someone that rsvp's yes,and not show up,and don't change their rsvp.If you cant make it,just change your rsvp.This group is for great friendly people that enjoy movies,and other stuff too by request,and we are opened to idea's and we are handycap accessable.A photo is required so that we can identify you.