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What we’re about

We are people who are now called, High Functioning Autism, formerly called Asperger's Syndrome.  Just think of the main characters on "The Big Bang Theory" except for Penny and you pretty much see what we are like.  We are gathering here together in a safe and judgment-free environment.  We are here to make friend and to create some joy and fun in this big mess and choas called - Life.  

We are called by Dr Temple Grandin, while talking about the making of a movie, "Aspies." She was talking about how there were, "Aspies all over the place."  Here we plan to create a group where people can gather "Aspies FOR Aspies."

Our group is rare, best to our knowledge because wer are "Run by Aspies FOR Aspies."  In many ways it is our motto.  Sadly, the term Aspies and Asperger's Syndrome has been removed from diagnosis materials but it is still part of our history and explains - to many of us - who we are.  

In this age of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are meeting online.  So we may be closed in, but we are not closed off.  We are here to meet new people, make friends, and stand by and for one another.  X-Men: First Class had a quote I found empowering - Mutant and Proud.   So let's not let this virus that is destroying the economy and a few business destroy us.  We are here and we can get through this and we can create a new world for ourselves.

Remember, Autistic and Proud!