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What we’re about

Group Rules
1. Treat each member with respect at all times. We want all members to have a place where they can come and feel they will be treated with respect and not have to worry about feeling uncomfortable at any time.  We all have plenty of stress in our lives and want this to be a place people can come and enjoy themselves and leave those stressors at the door whenever possible.  
2. If you sign up for an event and can not make it please adjust your RSVP or notify the organizer of the event prior to the event.  We understand things come up but often we have made reservations and it is not fair to the venue if we have multiple people not show up.  There will 3 warnings if you do not do this and then you will be removed from the group.
3. Please RSVP if you plan to attend an event.
4. Do not post about private or outside events on the discussion board.  We keep this congruent for all members to help ensure member safety.  With a group this large we need to keep organization within the group and we want to ensure each event is well planned and monitored.  The organizers love new ideas and if there is something you would like to set up please reach out and we will gladly work with you to set up an event. We just want to ensure that we are aware of each event and that it is well organized so that ALL members feel welcome when they arrive and know who to contact.
Thank you.  Please understand there are reasons for each of these rules and it is for the best interest of all group members.  Welcome and we are so glad to have you and seeing you at an event soon!!!

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability:

By signing up as a member of the SWFL Social Activity Group and/or attending events, you and your guests or minors (if applicable) accept that this is primarily a place to organize events and bring friends together and fully assume all risks associated with such participation, including travel to and from the event.  You agree to be responsible for your own safety and equipment (when applicable); and realize that waterway conditions, obstacles, and weather, are always changing.  You and your successors agree to hold all Organizers and other SWFL  Social Activity Group members harmless in the event of equipment loss or damage, injury or death. Additionally you ackowledge that all monetary collection done in this group is only for payment to the Institution where the event is being held and any liability or grievance with payment will be taken up with the Institution where the event is being held. There is no profit-making from events.


In short we are about  Love, Joy, Respect, Honesty, Non-judgemntal lasting friendships and we are a BLAST too!
I know the rest is long but I hope you will read about our groups journey

Hi Everyone and welcome to the SWFL Social Activities group. Though we say we are primarily a group for 40's to 60's that is just the general majority of the group.  All people are always welcome to join us as long as they agree to the rules that this is not a hookup site and to treat all members with respect and dignity.   Many of us often have people visiting outside of this age range and they are always enjoyed and welcomed within the group.  I am gonna change this up a little so you know what we are all about.  Number one we are about respecting one another and not creating drama.  We all have enough stress in our lives we don't need to be involved with anymore than needed.  We are a genuine, fun loving, caring group who loves to welcome new people of all types.  Terry and I took over this group a few months ago.  We both joined when a wonderful man named Greg, still an active and beloved member of the group, was running the group a little over a year ago.  I will share a little of my experience and why we wanted to keep the group going and I am sure Terry's would be much like mine.  I ended up attending an event by accident with a wonderful and beautiful girl I met at another function name Debbie.  The Ben Allen band was playing and I happened to mention I loved them and she said they play tonight in one of my groups.  I met her there and we were first greeted by Bob, a long time and continued beloved  member of the group.  There were a few of us who were there for the first time and he immediately welcomed us and started introducing us to other members.  They all immediately acted like we had all been part of the group from day one and welcomed us in with open arms.  That night was so nice to meet such genuine people that after that I joined the group myself. I continued to go to events with Debbie and then in a very short time I was comfortable enough to show up alone and always welcomed with open arms.  We all danced and watched out for each other it felt like my old group of friends from back home.  Honestly, it felt like I knew many of these people my whole life in just a matter of a month or two.  There are many of us who talk on a weekly and sometimes daily basis at this point and have formed real life long friendships that I can say will last the test of time.  We have supported one another through both good and bad times.  We don't believe in passing judgement, as we all know no one is perfect and none of us have the right to pass judgement on anyone else.  We are not a singles or couples group.  We are not a hook up group.  We are just a general group that genuinely enjoys getting together and doing fun things during our time off (which for many of us is very limited).  During this time we enjoy being together with people who enhance our lives not make them more difficult and if that is something that appeals to you we would love to have you join us.  Unfortunately Greg became very busy with work and then Covid hit so the group stalled for a bit.  A new woman was the organizer and told us either we picked up the group or it was being shut down.  Three of us discussed it and new immediately we had no choice but to pick up and carry on what Greg had started as it was to precious to be lost.  Over the past few months we have welcomed many new members and reconnected with old members and always try to organize respectful current events that would appeal to a wide variety of people.  The only thing we ask is that you treat everyone as you want to be treated and as long as you can do that we are more than glad to have you.  So please, come and help us continue Greg's legacy with this amazing group of people that he created.  You can always message any of the organizers with any questions and we are always happy to answer anything.  We do not charge for the group therefore with some of the activities that we have been planning that need reservations and paid ahead we have had to require members to prepay for those events through paypal or Venmo.  If you are uncomfortable using either of these always reach out to us and we can make something work so you don't have to miss out on anything. I lied there is one more thing we ask if you RSVP to an event that has limited seating and know you are not going to make it please update your RSVP as we often have members on the wait list who would be very grateful to take your place.  So if you are looking for a supportive, uplifting group of caring individuals who like to have alot of fun this is the place for you.  That is our story and we look forward to meeting you soon.