SLUG with Robert Widmann and Oleg Dreyman

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185 Berry Street, Suite 5000 · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Once you’ve arrived, head to Lobby 3 and take the elevator up to the 5th Floor. Check in at the reception desk and sign the e-NDA. Say you’re here for SLUG.

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This event will be hosted at Lyft HQ, featuring talks by Robert Widmann and Oleg Dreyman.


Exploiting The Swift ABI

At its heart, and despite its static surface, Swift is quite a dynamic language with a rich runtime backed by descriptive metadata. With the advent of ABI stability in Swift 5, the exact layout of this metadata has been fixed in stone, meaning we can exploit its structure ourselves. This talk will provide a summary overview of Swift's new ABI. Along the way, we'll touch on low-level implementation details like the Swift calling convention, runtime type layouts, and how to read and write metadata at runtime to reflect and extend a Swift process dynamically.

About Robert Widmann (

Robert is a mathematician, programmer, and compiler engineer on sabbatical before taking a job at Apple on Swift.


Privacy aware logging with Swift

Sometimes when developing our app we're tempted to remote log as much information as possible. But by doing that, we might unintentionally compromise sensitive user data. In this talk, Oleg will show us how we can leverage powers of Swift to create a safer logging experience.

About Oleg Dreyman (

Oleg is an iOS Engineer at Scoop.



6:30pm: Doors open downstairs. Enter through Lobby 4, go left through the courtyard to Lobby 2, and take the elevator up to the 5th floor.

6:30pm - 7pm: Refreshments and light bites. We will not be serving alcohol at this meetup, but we'll have plenty of other drinks.

7pm: Presentation.

We welcome you to stay and chat afterwards!


Thanks to Lyft ( for hosting and providing food + drinks.