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What we’re about

這是一個專注於 Swift 程式語言和iOS App 開發的 Meetup。Swift 程式語言是 Apple 在 2014 年推出的全新語言,語法比Objective-C易懂。對從未編寫過iOS程式的新手,學習起來也相對簡單。


無論你是剛剛開始學習Swift的新手或已有多年iOS app開發經驗也歡迎參加。 


Call for Speakers: 

想要分享你的開發經驗、常用的Frameworks?又或者介紹你的開源項目(Open Source Project)? 歡迎message我或通過Twitter與我聯絡(@simonng)。


This group is devoted to Swift and iOS Development. Introduced in 2014, Swift is a new programming language for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and OS X. If you want to learn Swift and are interested in iOS app development, this group is for you. 

Each month we will gather to talk about Swift, latest trends, frameworks, third-party libraries, and tools. All experience levels, whether you’re a beginner or a mobile developers with years of experience, are welcome.

Let’s come together for knowledge exchange, share iOS projects, ideas, business insight, prototypes and development experiences.

One last thing, most talks are conducted in Cantonese. Occasionally, the talks will be delivered in English. We’ll clearly specify it for each meetup.

Call for Speakers:
If you're interested in sharing your Swift/iOS development experience or open source projects, please contact me via Twitter (@simonng)  or message me.