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The Hi-Desert Swing Society provides a place for dancers to practice and learn Authentic Swing Dance styles such as Lindy Hop, Shim Sham, 1920's Charleston, Big Apple, Jitterbug, Swing Charleston and East Coast Swing(single step and triple step). This society is for people who have an interest in Vintage Clothes, Swing Dancing, Swing Music and Vintage culture. You do not have to know how to dance to join this society. Private dance lessons are available.

The most common problem occurring in meet up groups is people who RSVP yes, and then don't show up(sometimes as much as 80% of the group.) Because of this problem, we are following the policy of other meet up groups and instituting a 3 STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT policy. This means that if you RSVP yes and are a no-show 3 times within 6 months, your membership will be cancelled. At that point, you still have the option of re-joining the group.

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