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We truly believe that society could grow only sharing knowledge, therefore the goal of this group is to create connections between IT Specialists and general Internet users. The group is focused on the following topics: - Cyber Security - Data protection - Cloud Computing - Social Networks Etc..

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Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

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Switzerland depends on the continuous functioning of critical infrastructures. How is the security of national economic supply related to cyber risks? How can we ensure that critical infrastructures recognize and combat cyber threats and support them to become more resilient? Nathalie Gratzer's speech will be an insight and outlook from the federal perspective.
Davide Lenzarini will be talking about end-to-end Message-based security vs Session-based security in scenarios having massive number of constrained battery-operated IoT devices using 3GPP NB-IoT or Non-Terrestrial Networks, based on LEO satellites with proprietary protocols (high latency and low bandwidth). His talk will list pros and cons of the two approaches.

16:30-16:45 CEST Welcoming and Swiss CyberSecurity News
16:45 -17:45 Presentations
17:45 -18:00 Q&A


  • Nathalie Gratzer lived and learned in many places like Taipei, Paris or Innsbruck. Obtaining her Master of Science in Business Information Systems ignited her enthusiasm for cyber security and crisis management. Since 2020, she is project manager in the National Strategy for the Protection of Switzerland against Cyber Risks (NCS) in the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES). There she develops cyber security recommendations for critical infrastructures (Minimalstandards) and leads projects like the vulnerability analysis of FONES 2021. To actively and passionately shape the cyber world, Nathalie is engaged in various projects. This for example as Chair of the Swiss Cyber Institute’s Critical Infrastructure working group.
  • Hellmer Rahms is a global Enterprise Account Executive for Energy & Manufacturing at Google Cloud. In his current role he is responsible for driving the global relationship between ABB, Hitachi Energy & GCP. Previously he held similar roles at HPE, a series of EMEA management positions at GE Healthcare IT. Mr. Rahms has an MSc engineering degree in Telecommunication, with 11 years as a research fellow at the Technical University of Madrid, is the author of 24 publications and holds a Spanish national research award.
  • Davide Lenzarini is a software engineer and innovator with a wild passion for technology, science and cybersecurity. He is very interested in IoT, edge computing, federated learning, distributed ledger technologies with sustainable consensus mechanisms and robotics. He started coding with his MSX Sega SC-3000 in 1985 and he still loves coding. When he started to play with networking only BBS were available and he still likes working with constrained networks like NB-IoT and NTN based on LEO satellites.

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Swiss CyberSecurity built a partnership with (ISC)2 and ISACA thus our participants can earn 2 CPE credits attending the conferences.

Identity and Access Management Conference

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Swiss CyberSecurity is a community of cybersecurity experts, IT professionals, and all those, who are interested in building a secure world.

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Our vision is one of a society of safe connections, where people could have access to information and services without compromising their safety and privacy.

Our mission is to create the right cybersecurity mindset, and the right attitude to be aware of the new threats.

Swiss CyberSecurity creates a platform where we share knowledge, we spread the voice about CyberSecurity, we increase awareness and we deepen technical knowledge by presenting innovative cyber-defense technologies and solutions.

To be able to achieve this aim we organized more than 90 CyberSecurity conferences with a specific cybersecurity topic, and we meet the community members for a drink to speak about the CyberSecurity news.

Swiss CyberSecurity built a partnership with (ISC)2 and ISACA thus our participants can earn CPE credits attending the conferences.


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CCSP Boot Camp | Geneva | Nov 14-18, 2022

PSYND - Swiss CyberSecurity

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