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Welcome! This is a group dedicated to educational meet-ups in the southwestern region of PA, learning to identify and sustainably utilize local plants for healing and for eating. I will be offering educational plant walks in the area and classes on how to make the most from local plants and "weeds." Many of these "weeds" are found in our own yards or nearby, and many of them have been found to help us heal a number of common ailments. You may be surprised what we find right in our.... neck of the woods!

I am also highly interested in sharing the value of the local natural areas with the community, as they are an invaluable part of our day-to-day life, even if we don't see or notice them regularly. I plan to help conserve what areas I possibly can, as what we call "progress" continues to creep into our already very limited natural spaces, creating more light pollution and more traffic and wildlife problems more often than it should be. But I need your help to do this. I enjoy sharing these plant walks and classes and hope that the community, if not already awakened to the need to conserve this land, will awaken and see what is beneath our very feet, and that we need to protect it to truly survive.

Thank you for your interest in this group-- please contact me with any questions, ideas, or comments!

Green Blessings!

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