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Who you are:

This group is for you if you are interested in Indian culture, languages, society, art, food, music, festivals, travel and more. You want to improve your own social wellbeing, transition your life in Sydney, experience Sydney to its fullest, make new friends, help others and have hell lot of fun in the process.

Group Description:

We are a social group of individuals who are looking at ways to contribute to its members while celebrating our Indianness. We are not restricted to Indians in Sydney and Invite everyone who are interested in everything about India and Indians. We are here to experience Sydney to its fullest in our various event meetups and hope we can establish a lifetime of friendship and fun in the process.

Likely Group Events ( Lets amend this after I meet up with various event organizers over the coming weeks)


- Meetup over Scotch and Wines - For the Sinful Indians destressing on a Friday evening after work or for those weekend day or long trips to vineyards etc

- Meetup for Foodies: Find Indian Restaurateurs offering cuisines that celebrate and cerebrate different regions of India. We will location dine with our family and expand this further to satisfy our gastronomical cravings.

- Meetup for young families: Lets meetup with our kids and let them meet and interact with each others.

- Meetup at Indian Cultural events:


SERIOUS STUFF( will expand on this soon)

- Startups: Meetup for Indian or India related Entrepreneurs

- Workshops: Career, Tax, Migration, property etc

- Miscellaneous: Embassy related events, news, travel etc

Past events (127)

The Sydney Hills Curry Festival

Needs a location

Celebrate Diwali

Needs a location

Indian Drama night Jatinga

Needs a location

India vs Australia Test Match Drinks

Needs a location

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