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Sydney Machine Learning is about getting together to discuss all fields and implementations of machine learning, machine learning's current and future impact and a place to share your work on machine learning and learn from others.

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Launch : Data Analyst Study Group II🚀

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NOTE: this is an in person event! 😮😮😮🦄🦄🦄

Microsoft Reactor, Level 10, 11 York Street


Want to learn the skills required to be a Data Analyst whilst simultaneously geting a job? We got you covered.

In partnership with Launch, SML is proud to announce our 4 week Data Analyst study sprint.

Starting October the 19th, for 4 weeks every Wednesday from 6-8pm, we will be running through some of the best courses on the internet, with an industry expert teaching you Python, SQL, Data Visualisation & Communication skills. This is also a rare opportunity to learn from industry experts and build a network within the community, an absolute essential for any aspiring Data Analyst.

Best of all this initiative is 100% free.

​​Attendees can expect to learn the following:

👉 Learn to Program with Python:
Fundamentals of Python programming including Variables, Expressions, Functions, Loops & Iteration, Data Structures, Object Orientated programming, Databases & Data Visualisation with Python

👉 Data munging, scraping, sampling & cleaning with SQL:
Where filters and ordering data, Group by aggregates, Summary statistics, Exploratory data analysis, Complex table joins, Entity relationship diagrams, SQL reverse engineering, Data problem solving techniques, Insert and load raw data & Table schemas and data types

👉 Visualisation with Tableau & Communication Skills
Create highly interactive Dashboards, Use trendlines to interrogate data, Perform Data Mining in Tableau, Implement Advanced Mapping Techniques, Create powerful storylines for presentation to Executives,
Attendees will be expected to self-study for 10 to 15 hours each week before attending the group - this study group is not for the faint of heart.

The best performing teams & individuals will have the option to choose between several Data Analyst job positions available both here in Sydney & abroad.

We have professionals willing to assist throughout, an amazing sponsor and prizes lined up for the teams that produce the best work. More information will be emailed out to those who are successful in their application to the study group.

For more information on this exciting opportunity please attend the first event on the 19th of Oct.

Best of luck & regards,
The Launch team

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