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Sydney Machine Learning is about getting together to discuss all fields and implementations of machine learning, machine learning's current and future impact and a place to share your work on machine learning and learn from others.

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AI Safety Special Edition

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NOTE: this is an in person event! 😮😮😮🦄🦄🦄
Level 10, 11 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Given the insane progress in AI recently, in this meetup we will explore the intricacies of the “AI alignment problem”, its significance, and the challenges we face in ensuring that AI systems are designed to be safe and beneficial for humanity.

Throughout the event, we will dive into key concepts related to AI alignment, such as value alignment, corrigibility, and reward modeling. We will examine the difficulties in specifying human values in AI systems and the risks of unintended consequences that can arise from misaligned objectives. By discussing the complexity of AI alignment, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of getting it right and the urgency of addressing these challenges before AI systems become even more powerful and autonomous.

Join us for a crucial AI Safety Meetup that will focus on the AI alignment problem in the context of the recent open letter from the Future of Humanity Institute. This open letter calls for a pause on the development of AI models more sophisticated than GPT-4, emphasising the importance of addressing AI safety concerns.


In addition to presentations by AI safety experts, we will present a set of tools people can use to ensure Ai is deployed in a safe way going forward into the future.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a vital conversation about the future of AI and its impact on society. Reserve your spot now and join us in our quest to promote a safer, more responsible, and collaborative approach to AI development, ensuring that we are well-prepared to address the challenges ahead.

5:30 - 6:15 - Arrival, Beer, Pizza and networking
6:15 - 7:00 - Presentations
7:00 - 7:15 - Q&A
7:15 - 7:30 - Outro & more networking


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