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Sydney Machine Learning is about getting together to discuss all fields and implementations of machine learning, machine learning's current and future impact and a place to share your work on machine learning and learn from others.

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NOTE: this is an online only event. Link to join & participate will be posted shortly __________________________________________________________ Description: This online workshop details the process one must undergo to build, train and deploy your models on Amazon SageMaker. We dive deep into the underlying APIs and demonstrate the code changes required to move your code from notebook to production. We also detail how niche SageMaker functionality can help you train your models faster, analyse and debug bad models, and proactively monitor their performance in production. Finally, we detail some cost optimisation tips for SageMaker, in addition to designing a simple automated pipeline for training and deploying your models. You can expect to learn: -How to orchestrate machine learning with Amazon SageMaker; -How to automate machine learning pipelines on AWS; -How SageMaker specific APIs for HPO, debugging, monitoring, etc can benefit you About the speaker- Angus Barnes: Angus is a Solutions Architect from Amazon Web Services that specialises in Machine Learning. He has a background in Mathematics and Software Engineering, and has held roles across a diverse set of fields, including; Web Development, DevOps, Cloud Architecture and Data Science. He has a keen interest in helping customers cost optimise, secure and orchestrate their ML workloads on AWS.

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