DSAi Spark! Data Science Startup Conference


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Following sparkly trends surrounding our Data Science and AI universe, in partnership with Spark Festival and Amazon, we are proud to announce our flag ship machine learning entrepreneurship event: the Annual DSAi Startup Conference.

Come prepared to connect with our vibrant community of enthusiasts, experts and entrepreneurs that are leading innovation within the Data Science, Machine Learning and AI field right here in Australia.

If you are interested to learn what it takes to run your own successful machine learning start up this is the event is for you:

You will hear from experts from AI/ML startups discussing their journey and use cases along with some key industry trends.

Speakers Include:

Katherine Kawecki , Respia Technologies

Himal Kumar, Canopus networks

Justin Barry, Wejugo

Paul Conyngham, Pathfinders

Anthony Tocker, Verge Labs

Arturo Rodriguez , QuantApp

Steve Scheding, Green Atlas

Dr Han Xu, Curious Thing

Martin Karafilis, Tiliter Technoliges

Serdar Yelutas, Lucidworks


Katherine Kawecki , Respia Technologies

Respia is an asthma management system that tracks and records your child’s respiratory health. Our world first wearable chest patch helps parents through the night, pick up the early signs before they are visibly noticeable and still treatable at home. Respia is premarket piloting with a major hospital, working towards the goal of reducing hospital readmission rates for kids with asthma.

Dr Han Xu, Curious Thing

Curious Thing is a Conversational AI software for Digital Interviews. It is powered by state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to deliver next-generation recruitment solutions with true intelligence and scalability. Curious Thing conducts interactive oral interviews with job applicants on behalf of hiring managers anywhere, anytime over duplex voice channels (phone call). Our powerful post-interview analytics yield rich and benchmarkable insights on candidates, helping hiring managers make better, fairer and faster decisions.

Himal Kumar, Canopus networks

Canopus Networks is a software company which builds Internet traffic inspection and management products to 1) Optimise bandwidth use; 2) Measure & Enhance customer experience; 3) Monetise and Elevate online gaming. Canopus Networks' Flow Pulse (TM) Technology extracts high fidelity time series waveforms from the network at high speeds and feeds them to multiple Machine Learning models to identify, classify and isolate every single flow stream in the network for up to hundreds of Gbps traffic rates. Canopus Networks' products are in field trials in major telcos in Australia and overseas.

Anthony Tocker, Verge Labs

Verge Labs is a new type of AI company focused on the applied side of machine learning. With our focus on solving important business problems, we build customised software that puts our technology directly into the hands of our customers.

Serdar Yelutas, Lucidworks

Lucidworks'​ advanced development platform, delivers enterprise-grade capabilities that power the design, development, and success of intelligent search apps at any scale.

Mike Welling, WEJUGO

WEJUGO helps companies make better business decisions using data and geospatial analytics. Our key market verticals are Tourism; Media; and Retail. We deliver cutting edge solutions to enterprise customers


We reserve the right to modify the schedule & list of speakers without notice.

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