What we're about

Sydney Star Seeds is a spiritual community group for people interested in the areas of natural healing, spiritual development and galactic ancestry.

We are a non religious organisation that provide education, support, social gatherings and spiritual development for people from all walks of life.

Our membership includes, but is not limited to, people who identify as: Star Seeds, Lightworkers, Spiritual Healers, Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, Shamans and other denominations of human beings.

Starting from May 2018, we will be hosting a monthly members meeting that is accessible to both members and non members. This will consist of a talk/discussion followed by a shared community dinner. These evenings will be run by a $15 donation towards the meeting costs.

In addition to our monthly gatherings, we have a wide range of events provided by our organising team including galactic meditations, full moon activations, reiki meditations, QiGong Classes, specialist workshops and visits to Australian sacred sites.

Our events consist of both paid and unpaid events to be accessible to all members. The paid events are run by organisers who are professionals devoting their spare time and livelihoods to helping people spiritually develop. We ask that members respect the event fees as a condition of the event for the organiser's time. Members who have an issue with event fees are asked to raise their concerns with the Secretary and Committee.

Our group is available to people of all levels of spiritual development from beginners, to practitioners and teachers. Our workshops might help you in taking the next step in your spiritual journey and our gatherings are open to new members.

If you have a membership or event enquiry please contact one of our organising committee or the event organiser to assist you.

Please note that as our team have full schedules that we are not able to respond to individual concerns and encourage you to attend a monthly meeting.

The Organising Committee

Adam Wiltshire

Committee & Organiser positions available, contact Adam for more info.

History of the Group

In 2009, Noeline Clayfied started the Ascension Corner web site ( http://ascensioncorner.wordpress.com/ ) and Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ascensioncorn...;) and to date approximately 120,000 people worldwide have visited the sites which are updated daily.

Noeline created the What On Earth is Happening? Sydney Australia group in November 2011 after receiving requests to have meetings so that like minded people may gather and learn of the latest information regarding paradigm change, personal development, meditation, UFO disclosure, new banking, finance and government structure that will be introduced to replace the corrupt institutions that currently exist. In short the expansion of consciousness and switch from separation to unity consciousness!

Noeline returned to the UK in June 2012 and Vince took over to keep the group going. Mike Starman then became involved (and still is) as ongoing co-organiser, then John Lee became the organiser until Carel Fillmer took over in 2016.

The group has expanded to incorporate various spiritual practices, outings to sacred sites as well as Earth awareness. We also have regular dinners which are a great way for new members to meet each other. In 2018, the organising team have undertaken a rebranding to Sydney Star Seeds and are refining our group purpose so that we can help more people with their spiritual development.

Upcoming events (5+)

Meditation to help cleanse, protect and balance our planet

Annandale Community Centre


Hi everyone All are welcome friends included to our monthly meditation where we focus on cleansing and protecting our city and harbour. This is called a Planetary City of Light meditation. These are guided meditations which also include balancing and sending healing to Gaia. By doing these meditations we raise the frequency of our vibration which, is a prerequisite to our ascension to the fifth dimension. The Planetary Cities of Light project is one of the main focuses for the Ascension of the Earth. The idea of the Planetary Cities of Light focuses on setting up protective energies around each city and in terms of the Earth Changes this protection will provide an insurance that the city will remain intact and that the city will not be breached by lower consciousness energy. In fact the circle of light around the city is great protection and also great magnetic attraction of the 5th dimensional energy. (Juliano, Transcript of the Planetary Cities of Light Coordination Project - August 24, 2011) Each month we meet at 12:45 to start meditation at 1 pm and finish around 2:30 after which have refreshments at the cafe next door. Always fun to chat with like minded people. Bring along a musical instrument and a crystal if you have one. There is a small fee of $7.00. Look forward to seeing you all Blessings Carel

Kariong Glyphs Indigenous Experience

The Waterfall Cafe

This is a repeat of the event we recently had to postpone. A fully guided day tour of not only the Glyphs site but also the ancient star map nearby. If you had RSVPed previously you will need to do so again. All monies paid have been transferred to this event. This event is not to be missed. The Glyphs are not to be missed. Arguably one of the most important archaeological sites in Australia. Did ancient Egyptians travel to Australia or was it aliens ? This is up to you to decide - but first inspect the site. We meet at 10 for morning tea and then travel by car to the car park nearest the Glyphs. From here it is 4 km mostly flat round trip with some very basic climbing at the site itself. Not suitable for children under 10 years. We will be at this site for several hours, viewing and Glyphs and partaking in several indigenous ceremonies and meditations. In the afternoon we will be moving on to the star map site. Please bring picnic food to share that can be carried in a back pack. Max of 15 attendees. Adults $30, children over 10 years $20. Places are only confirmed once payment has been received. Book early to avoid disappointment

Meditation in the Blue Mountains, Grose Valley, Blackheath.

George Phillip Lookout

Thank you for all who made our January meeting such a wonderful day. Our next Planetary City of Light meeting will be SATURDAY, 9th February @ Blackheath & the Etheric Crystal in Grose Valley. We'll be meeting @ our special spot - George Phillip Look-out @ 11.30am & doing planetary & self-healing meditations. For new people - the Look-out is @ the end of Govett's Leap Rd. Blackheath. As you come to the main car park you'll see an unsealed car park to the left (past the toilet blocks) & you'll see a sign "GOF" @ the beginning of the track that'll lead to the meeting place. Just follow the track 5-10 mins to the Look-out. As it is so wonderful there many will come earlier to enjoy the energies & the view. The clearing & re-energising work that we do is powerful work - we are a group of people who work with the Arcturians to help heal the planet & also help her ascend to the 5th dimension. When the Grose Valley was activated by the Arcturians in 2016 Juliano said that the Grose Valley will become more well known as a spiritual destination for global healing around the planet. The Grose Valley crystal is one of 12 crystals that have been downloaded by the Arcturians around the world. The Grose Valley crystal energy is connecting with the New Earth, a new social order of justice and peace & this crystal has a direct link with Uluru the Heart Chakra of planet Earth. For more information check out www.groupofforty.com. Anyone (friends are welcome) coming up by train to Katoomba or Blackheath & needing a lift just call me[masked] & I can collect you. We'll enjoy a fun picnic lunch afterwards so please bring a plate to share. We use the shelter @ the Look-out so there is cover from the weather if needed. Look forward to seeing you there, Liz[masked] • What to bring Water bottle, hat, and something soft to sit on if you wish.

Warm Galactic Conversations

Woodburn Creatives

Enjoy the warmth of a log fire, light finger food and embracing conversations on many subjects ranging from alternate universes to global events, spiritual revelations and everything in between. Come join a trusted community of out of the box thinkers and talkers and expand your awareness. Be prepared to dive deep . Door donations welcome, Please BYO drinks ( wine and beer are welcome ) and a food plate to share. Seating is limited , please RSVP early. Come with an open mind, behave respectfully to others and share in a positive way.

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