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Healing Center Website (please check the description of each event! By clicking RSVP to an event, lets us know you are interested but doesn't save you a seat, so please check the description and follow the links to purchase a ticket to the event you want to attend and save yourself a spot)

Synchronicities & Synchronicities Salt Cave are beacons for the mass awakening that we find ourselves in. We are a group of highly intuitive energy workers, readers, teachers and individuals who work from one beautiful community space, offering healing and gathering space for the awakening community. All who enter the doors to attend the community events, feel the safety, comfort and loving energy of a heaven on earth. When we join as one in these group gatherings, we shine brighter than the brightest of galaxies.

Synchronicities is an energy center for expansion and growth through community healing events, education and support. Members of Synchronicities will find like-minded community members which all have opportunity to benefit from various group activities such as yoga, group energy work, women wellness practices and education, group meditations, chakra clearing and education, exploration and development of psychic gifts, book clubs, support groups, arts and crafts, jewelry making, dream work, shaman journeys, group readings, sister circles, or even those just needing a quiet space to sit and turn within. Synchronicities in Sandy has you covered as There are no membership requirements. Some events are donation based while others do have a minimal charge for attendance, please refer to each individual event description.

Our salt cave offers group halo therapy for these times of pandemic energies, and all-around respiratory health. These are group gatherings and are not offered on a private basis. Many of these group sessions offer sound healing, power animal journeys and guided meditations. The plethora of additional group gatherings and opportunities offered at the space allow the community members to open their hearts and remembering centers, allowing for each member of the community who joins to ignite and remember the spark of Creator that resides in their very core.

We also offer Education fairs, where we hold 24 classes throughout the day on various topics for a very minimal charge. These fairs allow for all in attendance to learn about several topics regarding their awakening journey. We have had to cease these extremely large group gatherings since the pandemic energies started and we were limited on group size, however, please stay tuned for announcements on those to begin again, hopefully soon.

The brightest of stars aren't brightest because they step in front of another star or outshine the other stars, in truth they aren't single stars at all.  The brightest are groups of stars that join together and form galaxies which serve as a guidepost and lighthouse as they shine throughout the multiverses.
Healing Center Website

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