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SYN Shop (http://synshop.org) is a hackerspace (http://www.hackerspaces.org) for the Las Vegas Valley, located in Henderson, Nevada.

It is a creative space designed for project collaboration, research and development, mentoring, and of course, learning.

We use Meetup to organize events for anyone, but we also offer memberships to those who would like to help support the group and help shape the direction of the space.

For more about memberships, please see https://synshop.org/membership

You can start a discussion with our group at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/synshop

Upcoming events (5+)

ShopBot Like A Boss (Members Only)

SYN Shop

This is a free class for paying SYN Shop members only. Due to space and time constraints we can only accommodate up to four people at a time around the ShopBot. Looking to get started in the wonderful worlds of CNC routing? Looking to learn more about the ShopBot so you can understand more about it, other than it being a tool that somehow you put plywood into and furniture comes out. This is an introduction to running the ShopBot, the CNC sheet router, we have at SYN Shop. This will include the steps you need to take in getting the ShopBot up and running, such as the pre-flight checks, powering on the machine, getting it setup to start a job, importing a file and cutting it, and finally cleaning up after yourself.

SYN Shop Project Night - Open Night

SYN Shop

We're looking to make SYN Shop more awesome, so we've decided that Tuesday would be the perfect night to host a community project night. It's an open night where we can work on projects to improve SYN Shop. This is your night to make your local hackerspace even better.

Hack the Box

SYN Shop

Let's get together and learn and practice our infosec skills by trying out some of the Hack The Box and Over The Wire challenges. Hack The Box ( https://www.hackthebox.eu ) is an online platform allowing you to test and advance your skills in cyber security. Over The Wire ( http://overthewire.org/wargames/ ) helps you learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games. Attendees should bring a laptop with either Kali Linux, or their Linux or other distribution of choice. You can download a live CD of Kali here: https://www.kali.org/downloads/ Skills you can learn include basic Linux skills, Penetration Testing, reverse engineering and other infosec related tasks.

Open Source and Security Night with the Greynoi.se Podcast

We start our information security night off by just gathering and discussing what has gone on during our weeks and a general night to work on open source software and security. At 7:30pm is when the podcast recording with the Greynoi.se podcast starts. All who come are welcome to sit in on the podcast or work on their projects as they would any other SYN Shop open night. The podcast hosts also setup a mic that is off camera if you would like to chime in on what is being discussed, or you would like to fact check them on the fly. Come on down! If you need quick questions answered you can head over to https://twitter.com/GreynoiseMedia or https://twitter.com/synshop. If there is any sort of delay in the shows/night. It'll likely be updated there as well.

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