What we're about

Our goal is to build relationships over substantial conversations.

It's a simple setup: an interesting topic, some discussion questions and scenarios to jumpstart table talk, and dessert and coffee to fill the belly.

There are only four rules to Table Conversations to make sure things stay (or end) with some degree of civility:

1. Don't be a Jerk.

2. Don't be a Wuss.

3. Eat and be merry.

4. Have grace.

We've had success with this format because it's hard to find a place for invigorating conversations because many of us are too worried about offending other people. At Table Conversations we encourage the opposite: offend, but do with a smile. Forget about trying to be 'kind' for a bit, and share you're opinion, and be ready to hear the opinions of people who likely share drastically different perspectives.

We started at Liberty Cafe in Feb 2013, but outgrew it and have been meeting in the Hall at Church of Our Lord ever since.

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Sex, robots, and reality: a conversation about sex in a digital age

In the hall of a historic building (COOL)

You probably knew sex dolls were a thing, but now they are getting so sophisticated and realistic that one sex doll brothel (yes, it's a thing) claims that guests will "hardly distinguish" between dolls and real women. Now there are even sexBOTs which can warm to the touch, use speech, and simulate pleasure. Psychiatrists and sociologists have even coined a new name for people who prefer encounters with sexbots: digisexuals. This topic may sound narrow and maybe even a bit repulsive, but there are so many intersections with major thought topics: how virtual reality and fantasy shape a person's mind and attractions, the purpose and role of sex (especially in a digital age), and how this might affect human-to-human interaction (especially male-female romance). Here's hoping this topic stirs up fascination and a little bit of fear, since both can lead to great conversation. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Please bring something edible to share if you are able. We will have coffee and tea available and lively discussion for all! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mingling starts at 6:30 * Topic intro starts at 7:15 * Finish at 8:45-ish

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