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PLEASE NOTE! Layne has kindly made me (stef) the main go-to gal for this meetup, since she has two other groups she manages. So any requests/queries/random suggestions can be sent to me.


A civilised, respectful, and tolerance-comes-first forum for banter and questioning all those things your mother warned you about.

There is a mysterious and frequently overlooked benefit of talking to strangers about tricky and/or difficult things. Finding ourselves amongst strangers means we can speak without all the invisible luggage we inadvertently acquire in our relationships to those close to us. Many of the most fruitful conversations about life stem from places where we feel we can say what we wish without being judged/ potentially offending loved ones/losing our jobs.

The aim of this group is to put little-discussed topics on the table and get people talking. Potential political debate (although legitimate) is not the primary aim of this group, which is to delve into the oddities of life and provide a safe space to examine questions we don’t usually trust ourselves to ask other people. To fortify the state of being a stranger amongst “strange/rs”, introductions will take place at the END of each discussion, not at the beginning.


Talkers, thinkers, deliberators, all are welcome. All opinions and points of view and even potential conflicts in the form of civil discussion will be encouraged, but disrespectful behaviour of any sort will not be tolerated. To wit: everyone gets an equal chance to communicate but those behaving disrespectfully will be promptly (albeit kindly) asked to leave.


This is a free event, affiliated to nothing and run by a (generally) good-natured volunteer who likes talking to strangers about even stranger things.

IMPORTANT BEFORE RSVPing: Flakeyness will not be tolerated, There will be a ‘confirm RSVP 48 hrs before event’ and last minute no-shows will be duly informed and automatically placed on the waiting list at subsequent meet-ups. I'm still trying to figure out something less harsh to combat this problem and am very open for suggestions, but to those who might find this excess, I do suggest having a go at event-planning when no-shows take all the spots preferably given to a frustrated waiting list :)

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religion (?) 2.0 | a discussion

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Since God kicked it (as it were), those of us who didn't believe in him/her/them anyhow have been provided with little else in the way of ritual and emotional consolation, except perhaps the endless selection of books on the self-help shelves of the (proverbial) local bookshop.

Capitalism’s attempt to address these very problems through buying STUFF ("this laptop will perfect your work/life balance!", "this app will get you laid!" etc.) doesn’t quite fulfill its many promises to that end, either.

And those of us who look to other individuals to address our emotional needs overlook the sad irony that not only is there no one-person solution to the complexity of human emotional fulfillment, but we rarely trust solutions provided by single individuals anyhow, relying often on thumbs up/star/review systems before we are willing to even contemplate making concrete life changes we didn't come up with on our own.

Possible topics to bounce around:

  • Religion for atheists
  • Individuals vs. crowds: we all need to believe in something or someone, what happens when it’s no longer ourselves?
  • growing up religious: the battle scars
  • growing up NON religious: the battle scars
  • the romanticism of heroes: do one-size-fits-all deities actually exist?
  • and really, has anyone actually read a HELPFUL self-help book on the subject of spiritual enlightenment?

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