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TAGNW Software is a TAGNW Community Group for current and aspiring technologists in software.

As a field, software covers many topics. Join professionals, educators and students in a small group Forum-style session for discussion on any of them!
General topics: JS/TS | Python | .NET | iOS | C/C++/Rust/Go | DevOps | Demo | Career Dev | Random.
Co-hosts and panelists welcome to participate and uphold a supportive, curiosity inspired atmosphere.

We will be using wonder.me as a common ground for small (2-7) group meeting platform. Topical zones will give a small amount of structure to find others to talk to with similar interests.

Join us at the TAGNW Community Hub (Discord) for all TAGNW discussion, including community groups, events, and programs. https://tagnw.org/community-hub

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TAGNW Community Groups encourage current and aspiring technology professionals to build community in shared purpose of technology education, personal and professional development, building relationships, and inspiring big ideas. TAG Community Groups on Meetup include:

TAGNW Analytics: https://meetup.com/tagnw-analytics
TAGNW Creative: https://meetup.com/tagnw-creative
TAGNW Cybersecurity: https://meetup.com/tagnw-cybersecurity
TAGNW Digital Marketing: https://meetup.com/tagnw-digital-marketing
TAGNW Engineering: https://meetup.com/tagnw-engineering
TAGNW IT: https://meetup.com/tagnw-it/
TAGNW Software: https://meetup.com/tagnw-software/
TAGNW Women in Tech / NW Tech Women: https://meetup.com/nw-tech-women

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About TAGNW:

Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Bellingham, WA. We advocate for technology education, foster innovation, assist business, workforce, and economic development, and provide community for students, professionals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local government in Northwest Washington. We provide events, programs, and services to Strengthen Our Technology Community. Foremost, we build relationships and infrastructure in our community to do the things we do better together. Learn more at our website: https://tagnw.org.

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Software Forum 7

Link visible for attendees

Join a virtual, informal, mostly self-organizing Software Forum (collaboration between TAGNW, Bellingham.Codes, BLUG, and LFNW ) with just enough structure and agreement to facilitate parallel small group discussion.

This is inspired by something folks have said they miss about conferences (and before/after live Talk nights, and LFNW BoaFs), as well as enjoying a microcosm of this effect during weekly TAGNW Discord Happy Hours:
The Hallway Tracks, the Kaffeeklatsches, the Birds of A Feather... call them what you want, the open times that are full of organic discussion with two themes in common: Curiosity and Collaboration

The event will be hosted on wonder.me (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5-l8kFrMV0 for platform overview)

During the event, there will be a couple 'main' areas with room for 50:

~Panel / Community group announcements
~Demo / Random (always open; try out / demo mini presentations- there's probably a community group that would be the perfect audience for a longer polished presentation)

In addition, side 'rooms' will be open for topical suggestion:

Group by Language (6:30 - 7:15 | share techniques, resources etc.):
JS/TS | Python | Java | .NET/C# | iOS | C/C++ | Rust | Go | Databases

Group by Topic (7:30 - 8:00+ | talk about what you do with tech):
Education | Career | DevOps | Security | Embedded | Games | Web | Robotics

The ingredients are pretty simple:
Multiple Co-Hosts: moderation privileges to uphold community CoCs
Participants: some subset of {professionals, educators, students}
Panelists? - for broadcast sessions on industry cross-topics and focus topics like other community group announcements

6:15pm Co-Host familiarization (interested? contact organizers)

6:30 Opening, Co-Host broadcast and intro
6:35 Self-organize into group time (Language)
7:15 Panel Discussion (cross-topic, community news)
7:30-8:00+ Group time (Topical)

Folks are welcome to hang out later than 8.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Software Forum 6

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